15 Best Bottling Companies in the UK(2024)

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Running a manufacturing business requires a lot of capital, time, and manpower.

This can be tedious and become a heavy burden.

But these factors shouldn’t be a hurdle if you have the right idea. And this is where contract bottling companies come in.

Whether you’re about to begin your manufacturing business or you’re already established but want to scale, this article contains a list of reputable bottling companies in the UK that are capable of providing the necessary bottling solutions you require.


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Top 10 Bottling Companies in the UK

There are several bottling companies in the Uk, most of which are into food-grade bottling services only. This article is a compilation of both food-grade and non-food-grade bottling plants in the UK.

bottling plants uk

1. Small-Scale Bottling

This is a reliable bottling company for businesses in the UK.

They have your back anytime whether you’re planning to begin a project or you’ve already developed a product and need to test-run it on a small scale.

They have the experience and expertise to advise you on the right step to take in order to achieve your business goals.

This company goes as far as blending and bottling products for its customers from as little as 25 litres. And they ensure that the products have up to a 2-years shelf life even without using additives and preservatives.

As for already established businesses looking to scale, the company offers several options that will suit your level and goals.

  • Website: http://smallscalebottling.com
  • Phone: 0333 987 5059

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2. David Berryman

David Berryman is a reputable company created 30 years ago to fill a gap in the UK food and drinks market.

The company started by being a supplier of top brands to the market but later evolved into an established business that offers even more services. 

Today, David Berryman is also a professional bottling company that partners with entrepreneurs and established businesses that seek the expertise of a responsible bottling company in the UK.

The company gives you the option of bottling your product using HDPE or PET. And it also has provisions for special products like fruit sauces and ketchup.

As a standard company, they have a large production facility that enables them to give your product the best bottling and finished look just as you expect.

  • Website: https://www.davidberryman.co.uk
  • Email: info@davidberryman.co.uk
  • Phone: 01582 873636
  • Address: New Orchard Estate, Unit B Airport Executive Park, Luton, Hertfordshire, LU2 9NY, United Kingdom

3. Liquid Fusion

This is an award-winning beverage manufacturing and bottling company in the UK.

The company was created in 2012 by an expert who has over a decade of experience in running supply chains.

As a SALSA-accredited company, their production process is reliable and whatever product they bottle for you can be sold at any outlet.

Their production facility gives you the feel of large-scale manufacturing while doing small-scale production.

They’re capable of bottling products of different sizes ranging from 200ml to 500ml.

  • Website: http://liquidfusiongroup.com
  • Email: hello@liquidfusiongroup.com
  • Phone: +44(0) 1273 806 001
  • Address: Unit 2c, Rectory Farm Road, Sompting, West Sussex BN15 0DP
bottling services uk

4. Bottling UK

Bottling UK is the UK division of Bottling International.

They’re majorly into contract bottling, drinks development, and packaging solutions.

They have years of experience in the beverage industry and have worked with thousands of clients across the globe.

This is an accredited company that you can be confident in not only for contract bottling or canning but also for contract labelling.

Their 50,000 sq ft manufacturing facility is large and equipped with enough machinery to bottle drinks in more than 200 types of bottles without preservatives.

  • Website: https://bottlinginternational.com
  • Email: lee@bottlinguk.com
  • Phone: 0203 0049 020
  • Address: Units 2 and 2a, Bowbridge Works, Chartwell Drive, Wigston, Leicester LE18 2FL

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5. ReAgent

This is a family-run business that has been operating since 1977.

They offer a wide range of services including chemical bottling, chemical blending, chemical reagents, chemical manufacturing, chemical repacking, contract manufacturing, and contract packing.

Their chemical bottling services are efficient and cost-effective. They can bottle your products using fully customisable bottles that meet your requirements and fit your brand.

Rest assured of getting a positive outcome since the company ensures that it’s always in compliance with local regulations.

  • Website: https://www.reagent.co.uk
  • Phone: 08009555798
  • Address: 11b-13, Aston Fields Rd, Whitehouse Industrial Estate, Runcorn, Cheshire WA7 3DL, United Kingdom

6. MyDrink Beverages

If you’re looking to outsource your bottling and production management in order to save time and money,

MyDrink Beverages is one of the best places to be.

They have the required experience and skills to handle your project and provide the most cost-effective and best solutions for your beverage production.

Working with them means that you don’t have to worry about taxes, phone calls, several bills, or other expenses associated with running a manufacturing facility; they take all the burden off your shoulders.

They’ve worked with a wide range of clients both locally and internationally.

  • Website: https://www.mydrinkbeverages.com
uk bottling companies

7. Caledonian Bottlers

With a standard manufacturing facility in Ayshire, Caledonian Bottlers are capable of blending and bottling a wide variety of drinks.

They have been serving clients since 1995 and have gained a wealth of experience since then.

They’re an established and certified bottler that’s committed to providing the best services to clients.

With 3 bottling lines and the capability of developing bespoke services, the company can deliver efficiently and at the expected time.

  • Website: http://www.caledonian-bottlers.co.uk
  • Phone: +44 (0)1290 422909
  • Address: Unit 1, Cumnock Business Park, Cumnock, East Ayrshire, Scotland KA18 3BY

8. Encirc Beverages

This is a specialist contract bottling company that has invested hundreds of millions of Euros in acquiring global standard bottling facilities.

They endeavour to put their best in whatever they do in order to deliver the best quality customers expect.

The company has a team of experts that monitor the whole production process from the first stage to the final stage.

They do this to ensure that all products remain in optimum condition.

Encirc Beverages have invested in modern and automated machinery that enables them to produce more than 4 million litres of drinks on a weekly basis.

  • Website: http://www.encirc-beverages.com
  • Email: info@encirc360.com
  • Phone: +44 (0)1928 725 300
  • Address: Ash Road, Elton, Cheshire CH2 4LF

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9. Trade Essential Oils

Here’s the only non-food-grade UK bottling company on the list. For over 25 years, they’ve been serving businesses in various sectors including CBD, lotions, creams, and shampoo.

This company strives to deliver on time, which is one of the major reasons why businesses patronise its services.

It’s good to know that they don’t have a minimum amount requirement; this is an opportunity for businesses of all budgets.

Due to the nature of products being bottled, Trade Essential Oils offers high photo-quality labelling that’s chemical resistant.

  • Website: https://tradeessentialoils.co.uk
  • Phone: + 44 (0)1482 642742
  • Address: Matrich House (Ground Floor), Goulton Street, Hull, East Riding Of Yorkshire HU3 4DD UK

10. Highfield Drinks Group

Highfield Drinks Group is primarily a spring bottled water company.

But they render contract bottling services to allow you to develop your brand and product ideas.

With Highfield, you’re certain of having your products developed using spring water and reliable machinery.

Highfield offers glass and PET bottling. The bottle sizes range from 200ml to 1.5L and more.

  • Website: https://highfielddrinksgroup.co.uk
  • Email: sales@highfielddrinksgroup.co.uk
  • Phone: 01332 862 699
  • Address: 370-374 Nottingham Rd, Newthorpe, Nottingham NG16 2ED

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Best Contract Bottling Companies in the UK

Below is the list of the best contract bottlers in the UK.

contract bottling companies uk

11. Surrey Hills Bottling

The company has been in the contract bottling business for many years.

It offers a wide range of services like drinks development, preparation, and packaging solutions to meet all your requirements.

Their fully automated bottling facility and microbiology testing equipment help to ensure that your products are well-produced and contamination-free.

They help with the storage and shipping preparations of bottles/drinks to make sure that you get the best quality services.

You have the privilege of getting legal and technical advice from the company’s team of experts when it comes to labelling your products and making all your bottling ideas a reality.

Their excellent customer service is the icing on the cake, as the company is always determined to work effectively and efficiently with customers from start to finish.

  • Website: https://www.surreyhillsbottling.co.uk
  • Email: info@surreyhillsbottling.co.uk
  • Phone: 01428 645 191
  • Address: The Old Grain Store, Mill House Farm, Petworth Rd, Chiddingfold, Surrey GU8 4SL, UK

12. Intercontinental Brands (ICB)

Being BRC AA accredited and a verified supplier to companies like Tesco, Lidl, and Aldi makes them one of the leading and reputable contract bottling companies in the UK.

They’re always focused on delivering nothing but the best services to their customers once they receive the liquid formulation for the product.

The company produces about 30 million bottles of drinks every year. This makes them highly experienced in meeting all your bottling needs.

Some of the services they offer include quality and micro-testing of incoming and finished goods, labelling, carbonation, pasteurisation, and distillation.

You’re guaranteed to get satisfactory development and production of any beverage of your choice when you work with this company.

  • Website: https://icbrands.co.uk
  • Email: info@Icbrands.co.uk
  • Phone: +44 (0) 1423 872747
  • Address: Intercontinental Brands (ICB) Ltd, Murdock Road, Middlesbrough, TS3 8TB

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Best Sauce Bottling Companies in the UK

sauce bottling companies uk

13. Sauce Shed

Whether you’re a startup, SME, or big business, Sauce Shed has the resources to develop and manufacture artisan handcrafted sauces for your business.

You can get flavourful and tasty sauces from them as the company works to ensure that all your sauce bottling needs are met from the production stage to the shipping stage.

The company has an award-winning team of professionals they work with to ensure that your sauces, jams, chutneys, rubs, and other products are bottled, labelled, and fulfilled as specified.

Sauce Shed fills about a million bottles and jars annually and has successfully partnered with over 180 reputable brands.

  • Website: https://www.sauceshed.co.uk
  • Email: info@sauceshed.co.uk
  • Phone: +44 (0)1234 851481
  • Address: Sauce Shed Ltd, 65 Murdock Road, Bedford, MK41 7PL, United Kingdom

14. Sauce Master Limited

This company perfectly lives by its name and is reputable for being one of the leading sauce contract manufacturers in the UK.

They offer a wide range of services for both retail and food service production.

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Whether you choose to go for private labelling or bottle new recipes from scratch, the company can help to make your business commercially successful.

They have all it takes to make your product shelf-ready by being responsible for the production, filling, labelling, and packaging process.

  • Website: https://www.saucemasterltd.co.uk
  • Email: info@saucemasterltd.co.uk
  • Phone: (028)44619753
  • Address: 18b Ballydugan Ind Est, Ballydugan Road, Downpatrick, BT30 6TE

15. Quattro Foods

They produce ready-to-use sauces that serve as an alternative to fresh sauces.

The sauces are designed to have a long shelf life while keeping quality in mind. Their sauces are great choices for small and established kitchens that need to save time without compromising quality.

Their sauces range from rice and pasta sauces to curry sauces and pastes and sweet and sour sauces. It’s good to know that they supply their products both in retail and wholesale.

  • Website: https://quattrofoods.co.uk
  • Email: info@quattrofoods.co.uk
  • Phone: +44 (0)23 9262 0020
  • Address: 8 The Nelson Centre, Portfield Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO3 5SF

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Best Contract Drinks Manufacturers in the UK

contract drinks manufacturer uk

1. Clearly Drinks

Clearly Drinks is one of the oldest contract drinks manufacturers in the UK.

They’ve been in business since 1885 and are known as a reputable drinks manufacturing and bottling company in the North East.

Their drink manufacturing process is done with utmost care and precision. And their staff are passionate about delivering quality services to customers.

You can trust them to help build and scale your drink business in no time.

Apart from manufacturing quality drinks from fresh water for their brand, the company has done the same for other brands and helped them to succeed tremendously by offering reliable drinks manufacturing services.

  • Website: https://www.clearlydrinks.co.uk
  • Email: enquiries@clearlydrinks.co.uk
  • Phone: +44 (0) 191 516 3300
  • Address: Clearly Drinks Ltd, Riverside Road, Southwick, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear SR5 3JG

2. Sunmagic Juices

When it comes to manufacturing quality drinks of different varieties, Sunmagic Juices is an excellent choice.

Some of the drinks they produce are fresh juice, smoothies, juice drinks, and premium juice.

They also offer different types of packaging formats that’ll suit your packaging requirements. Their packaging formats range from RPET bottles to glass bottles, PET bottles, and cartons.

They’re equally your go-to manufacturers if you’re interested in manufacturing dairy drinks, especially almond milk.

The company is known for installing the UK’s first fresh almond milk processing plant.

  • Website: https://sunmagicjuices.com
  • Email: hello@sunmagicdrinks.co.uk
  • Phone: 07879 339660
  • Address: 95 Camberwell Station Rd, London SE5 9JJ, UK

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15 Best Bottling Companies in the UK(2024)

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