DPD Consolidation Scan Meaning & How Long It Takes

consolidation scan dpd

Tracking packages has become an integral part of our online shopping experience.

It allows us to monitor the progress of our shipments and ensures transparency throughout the delivery process.

As a leading logistics company, DPD takes tracking seriously, providing customers with real-time updates on their parcels.

Among the various tracking statuses used by DPD, one that often piques curiosity is the “Consolidation Scan.”


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I’ll explain what it means and everything you need to know about it.

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What DPD “Consolidation Scan” Status Means

This status indicates that the parcel has been successfully recorded and grouped with other packages for streamlined transportation.

The status serves as a crucial milestone in the journey of a parcel.

When a parcel reaches the consolidation centre, it undergoes the scanning process, resulting in the assignment of the Consolidation Scan status.

The Consolidation Scan ensures that parcels are properly organised, reducing errors and facilitating efficient logistics.

What Is a Consolidation Centre?

What Is a Consolidation Centre

A consolidation centre is a facility within DPD’s logistics network where parcels from various collection points are brought together for efficient sorting, scanning, and organisation.

It serves as a hub where individual shipments are consolidated based on their destinations and other relevant factors, streamlining the transportation process and optimising delivery routes.

Consolidation centres play a crucial role in ensuring efficient logistics and accurate tracking throughout the delivery journey.

How Long Does the DPD Consolidation Scan Take?

The duration of the consolidation process can vary depending on several factors.

Understanding the timeline will help you set realistic expectations regarding the progress of their parcels.

While DPD aims to expedite the process to maintain optimal delivery timelines, you should consider the following aspects.

Volume of parcels

The volume of parcels being processed at the consolidation centre plays a significant role in determining the duration of consolidation.

During peak periods, such as holiday seasons or special promotions, the influx of packages may increase, potentially extending the consolidation timeframe.

DPD actively manages the workload and allocates resources efficiently to ensure timely consolidation despite high volumes.

Efficiency of the centre

The efficiency and capacity of the consolidation centre itself influence the speed of the process.

DPD continually invests in advanced technology, infrastructure, and streamlined workflows to enhance efficiency.

Modern sorting systems, automated scanning equipment, and optimised processes help expedite consolidation, reducing the overall processing time.

Transit time to the consolidation centre

The transit time of parcels from their initial collection point to the consolidation centre also contributes to the overall duration of the consolidation process.

Longer transit times, especially for cross-country or international shipments, may result in a slightly longer consolidation phase.

However, the company aims to minimise transit times by strategically locating consolidation centres and maintaining a well-connected distribution network.

Prioritisation of urgent shipments

In certain cases, urgent or time-sensitive shipments might receive priority during the consolidation process.


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DPD understands the importance of meeting deadlines for time-critical deliveries and may expedite the handling and consolidation of such parcels, ensuring they proceed swiftly towards their destination.

What to Do During the Consolidation Phase

consolidation scan meaning

It’s essential to set realistic expectations regarding tracking updates during the consolidation phase.

While DPD strives to provide real-time information, occasional delays in status updates may occur due to various factors.

Below are some useful tips to keep in mind to help you navigate the consolidation phase effectively.

Be patient

Understand that the consolidation process involves the careful sorting, scanning, and organisation of numerous parcels.

While DPD aims to provide real-time tracking updates, occasional delays in status updates may occur due to the high volume of packages being processed.

Patience is essential during this phase, as it ensures that the consolidation process is carried out accurately and efficiently.

Use additional customer support channels

If you have any concerns or questions about your parcel’s status during the consolidation phase, don’t hesitate to reach out to DPD’s customer support.

They’re equipped to provide you with the most up-to-date information and address any queries or issues you may have.

Use their customer support channels, such as phone, email, or live chat, to stay informed and alleviate any concerns.

Trust the tracking system

DPD’s tracking system is designed to provide customers with transparent and accurate information about their shipments.

During the consolidation phase, it’s common for parcels to remain in the Consolidation Scan status for a certain period.

Trust the tracking system and know that your parcel is progressing through the necessary steps towards its final destination.

Avoid excessive tracking

While it’s natural to be curious about the progress of your parcel, excessive tracking can lead to unnecessary stress.

Constantly refreshing the tracking page may not provide immediate updates and can create undue anxiety.

Instead, consider checking the tracking status at reasonable intervals to stay informed without becoming overwhelmed.

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Communicate with DPD if necessary

If you have specific concerns or require additional information about the consolidation process or your parcel’s status, feel free to communicate directly with DPD.

They’re committed to providing excellent customer service and will assist you with any queries or issues you may encounter.

Stay informed through notifications

Take advantage of DPD’s notification features, such as email or SMS alerts, to receive timely updates about the progress of your parcel.

These notifications will keep you informed at key stages of the consolidation process, providing peace of mind and reducing the need for constant manual tracking.

Next Step after the Consolidation Scan Status

how long does consolidation scan take dpd

After the consolidation scan status, parcels are sent for further transportation to their respective destinations.

Once dispatched, the tracking status of the parcel is updated to reflect the next step in the delivery journey.

The next tracking status update could vary based on the location of the parcel, the type of service selected by the customer, and other relevant factors.

For instance, if the parcel is headed for a local delivery, the next status update could indicate that the parcel has arrived at the local delivery depot or is out for delivery.

On the other hand, if the parcel is destined for international delivery, the next status update could indicate that the parcel has been cleared through customs or is awaiting clearance.

DPD Consolidation Scan Meaning & How Long It Takes

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