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Best Custom Gift Boxes in the UK

Custom gift boxes are useful for adding a personal touch to gifts. They allow you to send personalised messages alongside your present to your loved ones.

The boxes come in different designs and quality. Some of them can only be gifted out for particular occasions like weddings and childbirth while others can be used for different occasions.

Whether you want to present a gift to your family member or friend, this article contains a list of lovely custom boxes that are excellent value for money.

10 Best Custom Gift Boxes in the UK

The following are excellent custom gift boxes to choose from. You can engrave your personal text on any of them. Even swear words are accepted for those who may want to use it as a joke.

1. Personalised Grey Bridesmaid Gift Box with Bag

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This is a beautiful and special item for someone who wants something personal other than just a box. Your personalised text is written in a golden colour that makes it stand out on the quality gift box.

It’s awesome that the box comes with a bag. I love that the custom message can appear both outside and inside; this makes the lovely design even more stylish. The box is easy to put together and it does exactly what it should.


  • Holds a number of things
  • It is sturdy with a lovely design
  • The font is gorgeous
  • Personalised messages both on the outside and inside


  • The magnetic front may become difficult to align if not properly assembled

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2. Personalised Diamond Shape Crystal Glass Gift Box

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This is an impressive gift box that suits various occasions. It’s packed with a diamond crystal that carries your personalised text. Your choice of text can be up to 5 lines long to enable you to express your thoughts properly.

The quality of the box itself is impressive and the whole package looks gorgeous. The engraved message is neat and boldly appears right on the centre of the crystal. Generally, the package looks beautiful and professional.


  • Fantastic value for money
  • Perfect as an unusual gift
  • Superb engraving
  • Nicely packaged


  • While the package looks awesome and professional, the quality of the box may not be as expected

3. Engraved Silver Plated Trinket Box

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The Engraved Silver Plated Trinket Box is a perfect gift box for presenting a gift to any special female whether your wife, friend, niece, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, or grandma. It’s a sturdy box with a shiny finish.

It is a little nice keepsake that comes with lovely engraving. You can personalise it with up to 50 characters that will send the right message to whoever you intend to gift it to. The silver-plated box has impressive detail with quality engraving.


  • Beautiful engraving
  • Well-packaged and wrapped for protection
  • Looks more expensive than it is
  • Great quality


  • The lid is a bit stiff to open

4. Custom Personalised Engraved ABC Money Box

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This is a great gift box suitable for anyone special. It is well-made and would be treasured by anyone it is gifted to. It is a cherished present for special occasions and will have an everlasting impact because of its long-lasting quality.

The money box is sturdy and arrives with smart and neat engraving. It is suitable for kids because of its size and attractive silver display. On top of that, it is well-packaged to make a perfect gift.

The best part is that you get to add personalised inscriptions at the top to make it a truly memorable gift.


  • It is a high-quality box
  • The silver appearance makes it attractive
  • The engraving is lovely


  • It is heavy

5. Personalised Beautiful Mirror Glass Butterfly Jewellery Box

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The Mirror Glass Butterfly Jewellery is a stunning box that’s used as a perfect gift to special ones. The engraving is awesome and is written clearly without any error. You get the box shipped to you just as you want it.

The butterfly design makes it more beautiful and would be very lovely to anyone that loves butterflies. It makes a great gift on special occasions. The box is solid and not that heavy. This, in addition to the size, makes it portable and easy to convey from one place to another.


  • Lovely engraving
  • The box is solid with good quality
  • It is beautiful


  • The personalised text can’t be more than 3 lines  

6. Personalised Luxury Silver Pen and Chrome Case

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This silver pen together with the chrome case is a gorgeous gift that will make anyone delighted. The case is versatile as it can also be used to keep eyeglasses. And this appears neater than with most eyeglass cases.

I love that the engraving can be done on both the pen and the case. This way, your personal text will remain a memory that will last longer in the heart. I also love that the engraving can also be done in non-English languages like Greek. This means that you have nothing to worry about if you wish to present this as a gift to a non-English speaking person.

It’s worth mentioning that the pen itself is solid and feels nice to hold in the hand.


  • The pen feels good in the hand
  • The case is gorgeous
  • Engraving can be done in other languages
  • The case can also be used for other purposes like keeping eyeglasses


  • Silver engraving on the silver casing can be hard to see

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7. Little Secrets Children’s Wooden Toy Storage Box

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This is a toy storage gift box that’s suitable for kids. You can have the kid’s name embossed in silver to give it a personal touch.

The size of the box is reasonable and will look appealing to any kid. It is 40cm deep, 62cm wide, and 47cm high. This will provide enough space for any kid to store toys and other things important to them.

Little Secrets Children’s Wooden Toy Storage Box is shipped flat and requires assembly. You have nothing to worry about as putting it together isn’t a difficult task. It can be easily done in a few minutes.


  • The box is attractive
  • It is well made
  • Easy to assemble


  • The wooden lid sometimes develops issues after frequent opening and closing

8. Personalised Chrome Ring Box

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This is a great box to get if you wish to gift anyone a ring. The case is beautifully designed to accommodate a single ring. Engraving it will give it a personal touch that will make it more admirable to whoever it is presented to.

Personalised Chrome Ring Box is a stylish case with quality engraving that makes it appear more expensive than it actually is. The shiny box is highly polished and has velvet cushioning inside.

The whole package looks great and is a good sight to behold. Overall, this box is highly recommended if you intend to gift a ring to someone.


  • The box is shiny and beautiful
  • Good quality; it can be kept as a keepsake
  • It will add a perfect finishing touch to any beautiful ring
  • Engraving makes it look expensive


  • The box can’t accommodate too many characters

9. Personalised Silver Plated Art Deco Style Trinket/Jewellery Box

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This is a stylish little trinket that serves as a great gift for individuals of all ages. When it comes to engraving, you can choose your preferred font to match the occasion.

The inside comes with nice cushioning that makes the box a good keepsake. Whether you want to gift it out to your family or friend, you can use the brilliant engraving to give it a personal touch and pass your message. The text will appear boldly on the top of the gift box.


  • Brilliant engraving
  • The box is stylishly made


  • Having a coloured engraving would be a nice idea to make it more visible

10. Personalised Baby Gift Wooden Keepsake Box/Memory Box

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Here’s an excellent and well-made wooden box big enough to accommodate trinkets and other important items. It will make a nice gift for anyone looking to keep lovely memories alive. Blankets, pictures, and other memorable belongings can be stored in this gift box even though it isn’t very big.

The box is suitable as a gift for parents of a newborn to keep memorable items from the birth of their little one. Overall, this is a nice gift idea for any occasion where a personal touch is required.


  • It arrives well packed
  • Brilliant carving with nice fonts
  • Good quality
  • Makes a great gift for parents of a newborn


  • The wood is sometimes a little rough and you may have to use a file to smoothen it

Wrap Up

The list above comprises lovely and excellent custom gift boxes that are fantastic value for money. While some are only suitable for specific occasions, others are a good fit for various occasions. Choose the one that best fits whatever purpose you need it for.

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