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Best Glass Furniture in the UK (2021)

There are countless types of modern glass furniture manufactured in the UK.

They’re stylishly built not only to beautify the home but also to provide enough storage space to keep items like the remote, leaflets, magazines, and phones.

Some of them are made of wood and tempered glass while others are made of metal and glass or just glass only.

What to Consider When Buying Glass Furniture

Getting beautiful and durable glass furniture that’s worth money is very important. The best type to choose depends on various factors.


What purpose do you need glass furniture for? Do you need it for use as a centre table in the living room or to beautify the lounge? There are several reasons why people buy glass furniture. Your purpose of use will help you to determine the right type to buy.

Available Space

The size of your living room or any room you want to keep the table plays an important role in your decision making. A piece of small furniture that’s stylishly built and designed to provide enough space and accommodate a lot of items is a perfect fit for a small living room. Some beautiful glass tables take up a lot of room but provide small storage space. This may or may not be a good fit for you, depending on how spacious your room is.

Quality and Beauty

Above all the factors to consider are the quality and beauty of the furniture you set out to buy. No doubt, the best type to go for is a stylish and contemporary high-quality one that will beautify your home and still be useful for other purposes.

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Best Glass Furniture in the UK

Below are the carefully handpicked high-quality glass furniture in the UK. They’re stunning and provide great value for money.

1 Neo Modern White Rectangle Clear Glass Table with Lower Shelf

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Just as the name implies, this is a contemporary glass table with an awesome appearance. It is very easy to put together and doesn’t really require using tools. Even with its simplicity, it comes with a spanner for you to tighten the nuts to be sure of complete safety.

This sturdy and heavy table comes with great quality. Assembling it is easy and fast; it can be done without stress within 20 to 30 minutes.

The Clear Glass Table is stunning and looks way more expensive than it really is. The legs are made of wood and it has a lower glass for additional space.


  • It is very easy to assemble
  • The table has a lower shelf for additional space
  • It has a stunning and beautiful appearance
  • The glass table is sturdy
  • The legs are made of contemporary wood


  • The table is shipped in two different boxes. This means that each box can arrive at different times

2 Vasagle Round Coffee Table

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This is a stunning table that will give your living room an elegant look. It is wide enough for a good coffee table and sturdy and light enough to be moved about easily without hurdles. The subtle golden colour gives it a luxurious look and contemporary feel. This makes it blend with any modern living room arrangement.

The Vasagle Glass Table with Golden Frame is easy to assemble and gives fantastic value. It comes with the right accessories and really feels sophisticated and smart. It’s worth noting that the golden frame is dark and not bright. It still, however, blends well with a lot of living rooms.

The table is often packed well upon delivery to preserve its high quality when you use it. It is perfectly designed with a strong and sophisticated metal to prevent it from wobbling when placed on a flat surface.


  • The table is easy to assemble
  • The metal is strong
  • It is well-packed and well-protected
  • It is stable and has a high quality


  • The colour may not blend well with some living rooms

3 Schindora Modern Tempered Glass Coffee Table

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Unlike some other tables, the top of this modern glass table is held in position, screwed, and secured by the legs. So, it doesn’t just lay loose on the legs of the table. The assembly instructions may not be clear enough but you may not even need them because it is super easy to put together.

The legs of this tempered glass table are thin and may not be as sturdy as one would expect. For this reason, you have to be more careful and avoid dragging it when shifting it. This will help to prevent it from breaking and even avoid scratching wooden floors. You’re better off lifting it gently to make things easy and smooth.

I strongly recommend that you use pads under the legs if you’d be using the table on a wooden floor without a rug.


  • Easy to assemble
  • The top glass is held firmly
  • It is beautiful


  • The leg is thin and may not be strong enough

4 Mecor Coffee Table Design

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If you want a beautiful glass table with enough space, this is one of the best choices. It was specially designed to serve you well and help you to store as many items as possible. It has a hollow shape and two additional drawers on both sides to create enough storage space.

It’s an amazing sturdy and large piece of furniture that’s worth the money. The glass top adds some extra beauty to the gloss white wood. It may require two or more people to lift and manoeuvre it because of its weight.

Mecor Coffee Table is perfect to make your living room look like a penthouse. The height and shape are great for installing lights without causing reflection on your TV.


  • It is sturdy and durable
  • The table has enough storage space
  • It can be easily put together


  • It is heavy and may need two people to move it properly

5 Jeffordoutlet Modern Oval Tempered Glass Coffee Table

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One of the best features of this table is that it stays firm and doesn’t wobble. If you’re coming from a wood table, you’d really find this one super amazing. It is small, beautiful, and easy to put together. The table will attract a lot of good comments from family and friends.

The lightweight and sturdiness make it very easy to move around and manoeuvre. You can easily go about the whole assembly process alone without any help.

The Oval Tempered Glass Coffee Table provides enough storage space. The under shelf allows you to keep more items. It’s a really stylish table that can be used in a lounge or living room.


  • The table is lightweight and sturdy
  • It is beautiful
  • There are three layers for enough storage space


  • It may arrive having some scratches
  • The table has “tempered glass” embossed on the layers

6 Mango Steam Metro Glass Coffee Table

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Mango Steam Metro Glass Coffee Table is a high-quality item that provides great value for money. Not only does it have a simple appearance but it also has a very easy assembly process. It is very sturdy and can be used in the sitting room or lounge.

The sleek table looks more expensive than it really is. The stylish design makes it even more attractive. It has suction cups that hold the glass firmly and put it in place.  The glass is thick and solid. And the hollow steel legs hold it well. Overall, this durable glass coffee table is a great buy.


  • It is stylish and beautiful
  • The glass is sophisticated
  • It is great for use in the lounge and sitting room
  • The table doesn’t wobble


  • It easily gets dusty

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7 Goldfan White Gloss Glass Side Table

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This is a brilliantly designed glass table that’s a perfect choice for a side table. It stands well on a flat surface and you won’t have to worry about your table wobbling. The size makes it perfect for use in a small space.

This well-designed modern glass table is super easy to assemble. Anyone can put it together within a few minutes without any hassle. The eye-catching design is quite rare and makes it appear very expensive.

The base is shiny, glossy, and easy to clean. You don’t have to worry about painting it as that will spoil it. I love that it is versatile; it can be used in the middle or end of your sofa.

Goldfan White Gloss Glass Side Table is a contemporary table that’s well-packaged and shipped in protective materials to avoid any damage while on transit.


  • It is beautiful and stylish
  • The glossy base is easy to clean
  • It is versatile
  • Unlike some other tables, it’s well-protected and often shipped undamaged


  • It is small and only good for small storage space needs

8 Tempered Glass Black Dining Table

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This is quite different from other members of this list because it is not just an ordinary table but a dining table. The Tempered Glass Dining Table is accompanied by 6 faux leather chairs to accommodate more members of your family.

The good thing about the chairs is that they’re modern and are suitable for use in other parts of the home. So, if your family isn’t up to 6, you can comfortably use the extra chairs for other purposes. It is very easy to assemble and won’t give any problem. It has small screws to help you fix the glass top to the frame firmly.

Although it was built with 6 chairs, the table may not accommodate 6 tall people comfortably. They may have to keep their chairs a bit farther from the table to avoid their legs hitting one another.


  • Beautiful and decorative
  • Sturdy and comes with great packaging
  • Chairs sit properly under the table


  • May not accommodate 6 tall people comfortably

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9 Chinkyboo 3 Tier Modern Black Glass Narrow Console Table

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Chinkyboo 3 Tier Narrow Table is, indeed, a narrow table that’s a good fit for a home with a small space. It takes up little room but provides enough space for storing various items like cosmetics and toiletries. The table is sturdy and neat. It is easy to assemble and looks more expensive than it is.

The space is wide enough for a TV to fit in. But make sure that the weight of your TV is lower than the maximum weight the table can accommodate. The top shelf can accommodate a maximum load of 100kg while the middle and bottom shelves can only accommodate a maximum load of 80kg.

The table is shipped with easy-to-follow instructions that will help you to put it together quickly without hassle. It looks modern and stylish after being assembled completely.


  • The 3 tiers provide enough space
  • It is sturdy and can accommodate heavy loads
  • The table looks modern, stylish, and more expensive than it is
  • The assembly instructions are easy to follow


  • It sometimes arrives dusty and you’d have to clean it if you experience this

10 Seconique Milan Console Table

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This table is a combination of wood and glass. It provides enough space both at the top and the bottom for storing items. It can be used as a side table next to your sofa. This will enable you to keep items like your phone, remote, router, leaflets, and notepad. I recommend that you use a drink mat if you’d be keeping drinks on it.

Although the wood is thin, it is nicely made with an awesome finish. You, however, have to handle it with special care. Overall, the Seconique Milan Console is a highly recommended stylish and contemporary table that provides fantastic value for money.


  • It is neat and easy to assemble
  • Great unit for placing the TV
  • It is contemporary and stylish with a nice finish


  • Although the wood is sturdy, it is somewhat thin

Wrap Up

The list above contains the best glass furniture you can get in the UK. The delivery rate is fast and the sellers offer good customer service. Most of the sellers offer free delivery to locations within the UK mainland. The listed items have been carefully selected and you’re sure to get great value for money.

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