10 Best Grocery Wholesalers & Suppliers in the UK (2024)

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Every grocery shop owner, retailer, bar owner, restaurant, and caterer wishes to connect with a grocery supplier boasting varieties of grocery items and an excellent delivery system.

The quality and prices of the goods are also important factors to consider before choosing a supplier.

As a grocery retailer, failure to conduct a proper check on your supplier can affect the sales in your store.

As much as it is a herculean task to select the best supplier among the several ones available in the UK, it’s not impossible. Below is a list of the best grocery wholesalers and retailers on the market.


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Top 10 Grocery Wholesalers & Suppliers in the UK

1. Lewis Food Wholesalers Ltd

Lewis Food is a wholesale dealer of snacks, pet food, drinks, tea, coffee, chocolate, cereal, and many other grocery items necessary in a home.

They get their supplies from leading manufacturers within and outside Europe.

As a result, you can find brands like KP snacks, Walkers, Pepsi, Mars, and Nestle, among other products, on their product lines.

Lewis Food Wholesalers Ltd supplies mini supermarkets, market traders, convenience stores, local corner stores, greengrocers, and other retail traders.

They have fully equipped storage and forklift facilities to ease the stress of loading your purchase.

  • Website: https://lewisfoods.co.uk
  • Email: enquiries@lewisfoods.co.uk
  • Phone: 0121 553 1132
  • Address: Lewis Food Wholesalers Ltd. Unit 1 Kelvin Way Trading Estate, Kelvin Way, West Bromwich, West Midlands, B70 7TN

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2. Aga Food Ltd

Aga Food Ltd is a distributor of snacks, spices, fruits, dairy products, vegetables, meat, and fish.

These products, mainly from Polish producers, are available in various sizes and packages.

They redistribute them to retailers, wholesalers, and caterers in Scotland and the North West of England.

The company also operates an online store where buyers can shop for various products displayed on their websites.

More interestingly, they deliver orders within 48 hours of making them. You can make payments by cash, cheque, card, or direct transfer.

  • Website: http://agafoodltd.com
  • Email: orders@agafoodltd.com
  • Phone: 0161 877 5721
  • Address: Agafood Ltd, Canalside North, John Gilbert Way, Manchester, M17 1UP

3. Lakes Food Euro Ltd

Lakes Food Euro Ltd is a major distributor and exporter of wholesale grocery products in the UK. They also have their franchise sold out in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Notably, they supply a vast range of products to retailers, wholesalers, and food services.

You will find the best quality flour, milk products, chocolates, sugar, bakery products, dry fruits, and fruit tins in their warehouse.

They also have amazing Chinese and African products, herbs, nuts, spices, and vegetable products.

This company has an efficient distribution system covering all parts of the UK. Hence, your location is not a barrier to getting your orders to your doorstep.

  • Website: https://lakesfood.co.uk
  • Email: admin@lakesfood.co.uk
  • Phone: +44 208 968 0261
  • Address: Lakes Food Euro Ltd., Scrubs Lane, London, NW10 6RE

4. Regency Foods

For over 25 years, Regency Foods has been supplying restaurants, hotels, health clubs, public houses, and distributors with high-quality food, beverages, cleaning products, and catering supplies.

They supply these products in wholesale quantities through their efficient delivery service.

Some of the products you can find at Regency Foods include champagne & wine, cheese, frozen foods, confectionery, condiments, organic food, dairy, and desserts. You can pay using either your credit or debit card.

If your package comes with a defect, you can return them within 72 hours of delivery. However, this does not apply to their frozen foods.

  • Website: https://regencyfoods.com
  • Email: office@regencyfoods.com
  • Phone: +44 20 8208 1200
  • Address: Regency Foods Limited, 2 Streakes Field Road, London, NW2 7GD United Kingdom

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5. World Foods Wholesale

World Foods Wholesale supplies a wide variety of grocery items to retailers in the UK and Europe.

These items cover food, drinks, herbs, spices, snacks, candies, and baking products.

Interestingly, they source these grocery items from manufacturers in the UK, Africa, America, Asia, and the Caribbean to meet the needs of their culturally diverse customers.

At Worlds Foods Wholesale, you get to buy products from big brands such as 7UP, Pringles, De Rica, Peacock, Mr Tom, Captain Crunch, and Big Burst. The bonus is that they dispatch all orders within 24 hours through Palletline, UK Mail, or DHL.

  • Website: https://www.worldfoodswholesale.com
  • Email: sales@worldfoodswholesale.com
  • Phone: 019 0836 6633
  • Address: Unit 7 Bilton Rd, Bletchley, Milton Keynes MK1 1HW, United Kingdom

6. Wanis International Foods

Wanis International Foods is a London-based supplier of grocery items from manufacturers in Asia, Africa, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the US, and Europe.

On this note, they are renowned for supplying about 10,000 from over 900 brands to independent retailers, restaurants, online stores, wholesalers, and caterers.

They export these products to countries other than the UK.

Wanis International Foods boast a modern storage and distribution facility approved by BRC. They use trucks, vans, and third party hauliers to supply their goods.

  • Website: https://www.wanis.com
  • Phone: +44 20 8988 1100
  • Address: Golden House, Orient Way, Leyton, London, E10 7FE

7. Medfood Wholesale

Medfood Wholesale supplies restaurants, hotels, bars, and retailers with high-quality dried fruits, nuts and crackers, oils and vinegar, olives, Mediterranean specialities, and sweet delicacies.

They source these products from all over the UK, and with a high taste of flavour combination, they package them into unique flavours before supplying customers.

Medfood Wholesale maintains a high standard in the production, storage, and distribution of its products.

They have a BRC AA certification to attest to their high standard and offer the best prices you can find anywhere else.

  • Website: https://medfood.co.uk
  • Email: info@medfood.co.uk
  • Phone: +44 (0) 20 8965 6528
  • Address: Unit 4, Royal London Industrial Estate, London, NW10 6PE

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8. Food Frost Ltd

If you operate a convenience store, a fast food, or a restaurant, then Food Frost Ltd is the go-to supplier for the finest grocery products.

They deal in wholesale food products, including drinks, cooking ingredients, fresh vegetables, oil, meat and poultry, tin products, chips, frozen foods, and cleaning products.

You can make your purchase by placing your order through their website or app. Or you can place a call across to them and have their friendly staff receive your orders.

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  • Website: https://foodfrost.com
  • Email: info@foodfrost.co.uk
  • Phone: 0191 4471830
  • Address: Unit 3a Station Apporch, Team Vally Trading State, Gateshead, NE11 0ZF.

9. Khanjra International Foods Ltd

Khanjra International Foods Ltd has in its store various products that will suit the kind of business you operate, whether a retail shop, restaurant, cafe, or forecourt.

Their 75,000 sq. feet depot boasts various brands of frozen foods, catering equipment, confectionery, retail grocery, flour, oil, drinks, and many more items.

With over 40 years as a wholesaler, they’ve expanded to other countries in Europe and Africa, offering the lowest prices to retailers seeking to maximise profits from their sales.

  • Website: https://www.khanjra.co.uk
  • Email: sales@khanjra.co.uk
  • Phone: +441254291430
  • Address: Khanjra International Foods Ltd, Greenbank Business Park, Blakewater Road, Blackburn, Lancs BB1 3HU

10. Rogers Wholesale Foods Ltd

Rogers Wholesale Foods Ltd offers varieties of chocolates, biscuits, cakes, drinks, sweets, tinned and dried groceries in wholesale quantities to the general public.

These products come at competitive prices and are definitely the best you can find among other wholesalers and supermarkets.

Rogers offers families who want to save money on grocery items by buying at wholesale prices the chance to do so. They accept payments through debit cards, credit cards, Android Pay, Google Pay, and cash.

You can visit their warehouse any day of the week to make your purchase.

  • Website: https://www.rogerswholesalefoods.co.uk
  • Email: plymouth@rogerswholesalefoods.co.uk
  • Phone: 07729 212036
  • Address: Unit 2 Burrington Business Park, Burrington Way, Plymouth, Devon PL5 3LX

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10 Best Grocery Wholesalers & Suppliers in the UK (2024)

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