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Best Round Glass Dining Tables in the UK (2021)

Round glass dining tables are a great choice for a modern dining set. They’re stunning, simple, and make the home beautiful.

There are different round glass dining tables on the market. They vary by size, shape, quality, and price. These dining tables are a good fit for use in the kitchen, lounge, and other places in the home.

This article is a compilation of the best round glass dining tables in the UK. Some of them are sold alongside sturdy chairs while others are sold alone. Whatever your choice, this article will greatly help you in your decision making of the best glass table to obtain.

Best Round Glass Dining Tables in the UK (Dining Set)

The following dining tables can be obtained alongside a set of chairs.

1. Goldfan Dining Table and Chairs Set 4 Modern Glass Round Dining

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This dining set is well-packed on delivery. The table is delivered in a parcel and the chairs in another parcel. The set is sturdy and features superb quality that’s made to last.

The lightweight chairs are easy to clean. And they feature great workmanship that makes their beauty even more visible. Their legs are protected with caps at the bottom. These caps aren’t really of great quality, so they may break easily after a short while.


  • Great value for money
  • Chairs are lightweight


  • The protective at the bottom of the chairs aren’t of great quality

2. Goldfan Small Round Dining Table and Chairs Set

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This is a mini round dining table that’s a good fit for rooms with small spaces. It provides enough room for 4 people to dine but doesn’t take up much space in the home. The table comes with stainless steel legs and is accompanied by 4 durable chairs that are made with high-quality materials.

As you may expect, the dining set comes flat pack. This is a good thing as it will help to protect the glass from scratches or cracks. It’s good to know that the unit is easy to assemble. You can do it alone within an hour.

The chairs are superb, sturdy, and the fabrics are great and very comfortable to sit on. The amazing workmanship makes the set a good sight to behold when fully assembled.


  • The chairs are strong and feel very comfortable
  • Easy to assemble
  • The chairs are made with quality fabrics
  • The unit is delivered well packed


  • It is small. Best fit for small homes with small spaces

3. Round Dining Table and Chairs

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The Euco Round Dining Table and Chairs is a lovely set you should consider having in your home. It is easy to assemble and gets the job done as expected. The table is heavy and feels solid. I love that the glass is screwed and not bonded. This gives an assurance that it fixes firmly to the leg.

The chairs are even sturdier than they appear. And they fit in properly under the table. Have in mind that the chairs are not stackable. So, if you’re looking for a dining set with stackable chairs, this isn’t for you.

One feature I dislike about the chairs is that they make fingerprint marks visible. This means that you’ll have to clean it often to make your chairs look neat and appealing. This is even worse if you have kids around.

Ensure that you tighten the table properly during assembly to make it stable. You don’t want to have a wobbly table that will develop more issues as a result of improper assembly.


  • Good value for money
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good quality
  • Comfortable to use
  • It is stylish and lovely


  •  In some cases, the table still wobbles after tightening it

4. Selina Chrome Round Glass Round Dining Table and 4 Milan Faux Leather Dining Chairs

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This is a dining set comprised of a stylishly designed table and 4 sturdy chairs. The glass tabletop is attached to the legs using screws that resemble silver discs.

The table is somewhat fiddly to assemble and the instructions are just diagrams that may seem too technical. But you’ll easily get it fixed once you’re able to arrange the legs the right way. The screws that hold the legs together are quite tiny and would need to be tightened carefully for safety.

The arrangement of the legs is a stylish design that adds beauty to the overall appearance of the table. Arranging the legs is easy for some people while it is tricky for others. Whatever the situation, the table looks great after assembly.

The chairs are nice and comfortable to use. They’re sturdy and can handle considerably large weight above 20 stones without any issue.


  • Stylish table
  • The chairs are sturdy
  • The dining set comes with a modern design
  • Good value for money


  • Not easy to assemble

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5. Home Detail Round Clear Glass Dining Table Set

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The Home Detail Round Clear Glass Dining Table Set is a lovely piece that will earn so many good compliments.

Although the table is a bit tricky to put together because instructions are not easy to follow, it is solid and sturdy once you’re able to fully construct it. Looking at the pic, the chairs may appear thin but they have some thickness. They’re very comfortable to sit on and are covered with a piece of lovely fabric.

The set looks modern and more expensive than it is. It is often delivered as a whole but you may sometimes receive it with some parts damaged. This isn’t a major problem since you can quickly call the seller for an immediate replacement.


  • It is stylish and modern
  • The table is sturdy upon construction
  • The chairs are covered with a nice piece of fabric
  • Looks more expensive than it is


  • It may be difficult to put together
  • Some parts may be damaged upon delivery. You have to call the seller for a quick replacement

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6. Stream Dining Table with 4 chairs Modern Round Glass Clear Table

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If you want a colourful dining set, consider choosing this one. It is well-made dining set with a modern round table and a set of eye-catching chairs. It is a recommended piece that’s well worth the money.

The chairs are easy to assemble but you may have some difficulty assembling the table. To make things worse, the instructions aren’t easy to follow. Assembling the chairs before the table will greatly help you to figure the right way of assembling the table. It will make things easier as you’ll be familiar with the pattern.

You’d, however, love the finished product if you’re patient enough to assemble it properly. It looks gorgeous and brightens the room.


  • The chairs are colourful and gorgeous
  • Sturdy dining set
  • The patchwork materials on the chairs are lovely
  • Great for rooms with small space


  • The table is difficult to assemble
  • The instruction isn’t easy to follow

7. Goldfan Round Dining Table and 4 Chairs Set Modern Design

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This is a contemporary dining set that’s very comfortable to use. It is easy to construct if you have good DIY skills. But you may find it a bit tricky if you don’t. And the assembly instructions are not very straightforward.

The table is made of clear tempered glass and chrome legs. When putting the table together, have in mind that the bar underneath it can be fitted in different ways.  

The set is often delivered well-packed and in good shape. But some parts get damaged during transit. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the seller if you experience such an issue. You’re likely to get a suitable replacement as soon as possible.

Overall, the dining set is highly recommended. The glass is sturdy and thick while the chairs are elegant and well made.


  • Great quality
  • It’s made of tempered glass
  • The set is sturdy
  • Stylish and looks more expensive than it is


  • Assembly instructions are not clear enough

Best Round Glass Dining Tables in the UK (Tables Only)

The following dining tables are sold alone without chairs.

1. Julian Bowen Kudos Compact Pedestal Dining Table

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This is a simple dining table with a chrome base. The glass is flat and has a disc beneath it that holds it in place. It is a sturdy table that’s stable and made to last long. The table is ideal for homes with enough room. This is because the design won’t allow you to push your chairs under it.

Kudos Compact Pedestal Dining Table comes with a diameter of 80cm that’s enough for 2 or 3 people to dine comfortably without hitting one another with their elbows. It is an easy-to-assemble table and won’t take up to 30 minutes to put together.

I very much love that the chrome base is easy to clean. This is a very good thing. Also, the steel chrome base makes the table appear more beautiful and classy.  


  • Easy to assemble
  • It is sturdy and stable
  • The table is beautiful
  • It appears more beautiful than in the picture


  • Chairs don’t go underneath it well
  • Not a good fit for homes with small spaces

2. Furniturebox UK Venice Chrome Metal Round Glass Dining Table

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The glass top of this table is brilliantly bonded to its solid steel legs. The legs are effectively attached on the top to chrome plates that firmly hold the glass top. These chrome plates are visible from the glass top. I love that there’s no piercing on the glass.

The table arrives well-packed on delivery and you’ll have to assemble it. You may need a hand to get it done easily. Once assembled, the table is very sturdy and doesn’t wobble.

Overall, the Venice Chrome Metal Round Glass Dining Table is brilliantly designed and looks classy.


  • It is stylish and classy
  • Looks more expensive than it is
  • Excellent value for money


  • Can’t be easily assembled by one person

3. Furniturebox UK Vogue Large Round Glass Dining Table

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The Vogue Round Glass Dining Table is a large circular table suitable for up to 4 people to use comfortably. It can easily accommodate 6 people. The table is very heavy and feels solid. It is stylishly designed with a sturdy and classic appearance.

It is easy to assemble but may require 2 people to put it together. This is because of the large size and heavyweight. It’s good to know that the assembly instructions are easy to understand.

The classic look would earn it a lot of compliments. And you’ll be glad to have it in your kitchen, lounge, or any other place of your choice.


  • It is large and accommodates 4 to 6 people
  • Easy-to-understand set of instructions


  • It is very heavy
  • Putting it together requires 2 people

4. Extendable Round Glass Dining Table

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Here’s a well-made extendable round glass table. If you’re searching for a classic and smart round glass table, consider this item. You need a hand to assemble this unit successfully. And you also need to handle it with care to avoid cracks or breakage.

I strongly advise that you inspect your item carefully when it is delivered. This is because it often comes without enough protection to avoid serious damage while on transit. The good news is that you can quickly reach out to the seller for a replacement of any part if necessary.

The table is nice and sturdy. It is highly recommended for anyone who needs a glass table that can be extended to accommodate visitors and compressed to minimize space when there are no visitors.


  • It is versatile
  • Sturdy and stylish
  • It is lovely


  • It is heavy
  • Not well protected on arrival

5. Texas 120cm Glass Round Dining Table

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Texas Round Dining Table is made up of a tempered round tabletop and handmade chrome cross-legs. It features professional craftsmanship that makes it lovely.

The downside of this table is noticed when putting it together. The instructions are illustrations that are not easy to decode. On top of that, the legs are curved; this makes things even trickier. So, you have to be smart when putting it together to ensure that you get it done easily.

The table is designed to accommodate up to 4 people. The design and colour make it blend well with a range of chair colours.


  • The table has a contemporary look
  • Looks more expensive than it is
  • The chrome cross-leg design is amazing


  • Fiddly to assemble

Wrapping Things Up

The list contains the best round glass dining tables on the market. Before you choose any of the dining tables on this list, consider the space in the room you want to keep it, the number of people in your family, and your budget. This will greatly help you to make the best decision and choose a dining table that will meet your needs.

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