Royal Mail Sender Despatching Item Meaning & How Long

sender despatching item

In the age of online shopping, the ability to track our packages in real-time has become an integral part of the excitement and anticipation.

We eagerly follow the journey of our orders, from the moment they leave the seller’s hands until they reach our doorstep.

However, what happens when the tracking status indicates “Sender Despatching Item”?

It’s a puzzling phase that leaves us wondering about the progress and whereabouts of our precious package.


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What “Sender Despatching Item” Means in Royal Mail Tracking

When your parcel reaches the “Sender Despatching Item” status, it means that the sender has taken possession of the item and is preparing it for dispatch.

This status indicates that the package is in the hands of the sender, undergoing necessary procedures before being handed over to Royal Mail for further processing.

The status suggests that the sender is actively involved in the shipping process.

They’re responsible for packaging the item securely, affixing the necessary labels, and arranging for its collection or drop-off at a Royal Mail facility.

The purpose of displaying the status is to inform you that your package is progressing towards the next stage of its journey.

How Long Will the “Sender Despatching Item” Phase Take?

sender despatching item meaning

The duration of the phase can vary based on the factors discussed below.

In general, this phase tends to be relatively short-lived, typically ranging from a few hours to a couple of days.

Note that this is an estimated timeframe, and variations are possible depending on the sender’s circumstances.

Factors Influencing the Despatching Time

The time it takes for the sender to despatch the item can vary depending on several factors, including the following.

Sender’s efficiency

The sender’s ability to promptly prepare the package for despatch plays a significant role.

Some senders may have well-established systems and processes in place, allowing them to despatch items quickly, while others may require more time due to various reasons such as workload or logistical constraints.

Packaging requirements

The nature of the item being sent and any specific packaging requirements can impact the despatching time.

Fragile or delicate items may require additional care and attention during the packaging process, which could lengthen the time.

Customisation or personalisation

If the sender is customising or personalising the item before despatch, such as engraving or adding a handwritten note, it may require extra time to complete these tasks.

Specialised items

Certain items, such as oversized packages or hazardous materials, may require specialised handling or additional documentation.

Compliance with specific regulations and requirements can extend the despatching time.

What to Do If Your Package Is Stuck at “Sender Despatching Item”

It’s natural to feel concerned if you find that your package is stuck at this status for an extended period.

While this phase is typically brief, occasional delays can occur.

Here are some steps you can take to address the situation.

what does sender despatching item mean

Check the expected time frame

Firstly, review the estimated time frame provided by the sender for dispatching the item.

This will give you an idea of how long the process should take.

Keep in mind that the factors discussed above can impact the despatching time.

Contact the sender

If the status persists beyond the expected timeframe or if you have specific concerns, reach out to the sender.

Contact them through the preferred communication method provided, whether it’s email, phone, or an online messaging system.

Kindly inquire about the status of your package and express any concerns or questions you may have.

The sender should be able to provide you with updated information or address any issues causing the delay.

Request an update

Politely ask the sender for an update on the progress of your package.


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They may have additional information or insights into any delays or challenges they’re facing.

Open communication can help alleviate your concerns and clarify when you can expect your package to be despatched.

Consider alternative contact methods

If you’re unable to reach the sender through the primary contact method, consider exploring alternative methods of communication.

Look for additional contact information, such as alternative phone numbers or social media accounts that may be available.

This can increase your chances of getting in touch with the sender and obtaining the necessary updates.

Escalate the issue if necessary

what does sender despatching item mean

You may need to escalate the issue in rare cases where the sender is unresponsive or unable to provide satisfactory information.

If the package is of high value or urgency, consider contacting the customer support or escalation department of the sender’s company.

Provide them with relevant details about your package and the attempts you’ve made to resolve the issue.

They should be able to offer further assistance or investigate the matter on your behalf.

Patience and understanding

While waiting for updates or resolutions, remaining patient and understanding is crucial.

Delays can happen due to various factors, and the sender is typically working to resolve the issue promptly.

Maintain open communication and be receptive to any updates or explanations provided.

Sender’s Key Activities in the Despatching Process

Actions taken by the sender during the despatching process are crucial for ensuring that the item is properly prepared and meets all requirements for shipment.

Here are some key tasks that the sender may perform during the despatching process:

Consolidate multiple items into a single shipment

If the sender is sending multiple items to the same recipient, they may consolidate them into a single despatch whenever possible.

This helps streamline the shipping process, reduces costs, and minimises the number of packages the recipient has to receive.

Package the item securely

The sender is responsible for packaging the item securely to protect it during transit.

They need to choose appropriate packaging materials, such as boxes, bubble wrap, or padded envelopes, based on the nature of the item being shipped.

Proper packaging helps prevent damage during handling and despatching.

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Prepare customs documentation

In the case of international shipments, the sender must prepare and attach all necessary customs documentation.

This includes completing customs forms, providing accurate information about the contents of the package, and indicating the value of the items being shipped.

Compliance with customs regulations is crucial to facilitate smooth customs clearance and avoid delays or issues at the destination country’s customs authority.

Adhere to Royal Mail guidelines for prohibited or restricted items

Royal Mail has specific guidelines regarding prohibited or restricted items that cannot be sent through their services.

The sender must be aware of these guidelines and ensure that the item being despatched complies with them.

This includes restrictions on hazardous materials, firearms, perishable items, and other prohibited goods.

Adhering to these guidelines helps maintain the safety and integrity of the shipping process.

The sender is responsible for printing the necessary shipping labels, including the recipient’s address, return address, and any tracking barcodes or reference numbers.

Proper labelling ensures accurate delivery and provides essential information for the tracking system.

Schedule collection or drop-off

Depending on the sender’s preferences and the Royal Mail service chosen, they may need to schedule a collection by Royal Mail or drop off the package at a designated location.

They’ll ensure that the package is ready for collection or drop-off at the specified time and location to avoid any delays.

Royal Mail Sender Despatching Item Meaning & How Long

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