5 Best Telescopic Ladders (UK) Review (2024)

best telescopic ladder uk

Unlike conventional ladders that are quite difficult to store, telescopic ladders are extensible and adjustable, save a lot of space, and are easier to move around.

However, you can only enjoy these benefits if you go for the best pick on the market, offering you value for your money in all areas.

The best telescopic ladder is a must for professionals whose careers require reaching high places and do-it-yourselfers obsessed with taking care of everything, including those out of reach. No doubt, choosing the right telescopic ladder won’t be easy as you’ll have to filter through hundreds of products and figure out the best retractable option for your needs.

With this list, you won’t have to go through all that.


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We’ve researched and curated a list of the top telescopic ladders you will find on the market.

If you’re in a hurry, below are the best choices.

Best 2.9m Telescopic ladder in the UK: Youngman Telescopic Loft Ladder (check the price on Amazon)
Best 3.8m Telescopic ladder in the UK: AutoBaba Folding Telescopic Ladder (check the price on Amazon)
Best 4.9m Telescopic ladder in the UK: Teenza Telescopic Ladder (check the price on Amazon)
Best 5m Telescopic ladder in the UK: AutoFU Folding Telescopic Ladder (check the price on Amazon)
Best 6.2m Telescopic ladder in the UK: AutoFu Aluminium Extension Telescopic Ladder (check the price on Amazon)

Table of Contents

Best 2.9m Telescopic Ladder in the UK

1. Youngman Telescopic Loft Ladder

(check the price on Amazon)

Considered one of the best products if you place quality over affordability, the Youngman Telescopic Ladder is an excellent pick for shoppers willing to spend more for a highly durable and quality option. It is designed to give you a full climbing length of 2.9 metres/9.51 feet and comes with three adjustable lengths so you can get just the right height you need for your work.

The ladder can fit rough openings of as little as 0.60m x 0.51m, making it perfect for all personal and professional needs.

Storage won’t be a hassle with this ladder. Designed for small hatches with minimal storage, you can store this ladder just about anywhere in your garage or storage room. It weighs just 13kg, so moving it at any length won’t be a problem. When closed, the ladder measures 0.86m (H) x 0.48m (W) x 0.12m (D).

The anodised aluminium build ensures the ladder will last you through a lifetime of use. It also features rubber feet to protect the floor from scraps as it shifts under your weight.

The extra-wide treads ensure comfort and safety and an automatic locking system that keeps it at the required position for as long as you need it. Keep in mind that it has a max load capacity of 150kg or 23.6 stone.

More interestingly, this telescopic ladder is extremely easy to fit, extend, and retract, so you won’t have any problems setting it up when you need it. To help with the fitting, you can use the printed instruction or head to Youtube, where you will find tons of video tutorials guiding you through the process.

The installation process will only require one person, but you might need the assistance of a helper to speed up the process.

The retractable ladder comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacture defects in workmanship or materials. However, you’re less likely to return this pick because, just like us, most users consider it to be one of the sturdiest options on the market.

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  • Total Height: 2.9m/9.51ft
  • Weight: 13kg
  • Build: Aluminium
  • Max Load Capacity: 150Kg


  • Adjustable to three lengths
  • Aluminium build
  • Rubber feet for protection and safety
  • Easy to install


  • Unclear instructions. You may have to visit Youtube for the detailed instruction

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Best 3.8m Telescopic Ladder in the UK

2. AutoBaba Folding Telescopic Ladder

(check the price on Amazon)

If affordability is high up in your list of preferences when it comes to choosing a telescopic ladder, then you’d find no affordable option other than the AutoBaba Aluminium Folding Telescopic Ladder. This ladder, which costs significantly less, gives you 3.8m/12.5ft of height with 16 steps, taking you as high as you need to be.

Unlike others, this ladder isn’t retractable and extendable. But it is foldable, which will come in handy when working outdoors or on sites lacking support. The ladder can be folded into two equal sections standing 1.9m high.

Considering the affordable price tag, some users might question its quality. We found nothing to worry about during our research, and most users agreed with us.

The ladder features a durable aluminium design, so you won’t have to question its sturdiness. The aluminium build also ensures it is very light, weighing only 13.5kg which should greatly help with storage. Furthermore, the entire ladder can retract from 380cm to a handy 83cm, allowing you to store it in any small space left in your garage or storage room.

This foldable pick was built with safety in mind, offering industrial-grade height-locking latches and solid rubber-tipped feet. As a result, it will stay in place even when used in awkward areas. Its design equally ensures it can support a max weight capacity of 150kg. Thanks to the high max weight rating, you won’t have to worry about slipping, breaking the steps, or breaking the entire ladder.

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  • Total Height: 3.8m/12.5ft
  • Weight: 13.5kg
  • Build: Aluminium
  • Max Load Capacity: 150Kg


  • Easy to setup
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Industrial-grade height-locking latches
  • Solid rubber-tipped feet


  • Not the sturdiest option

Best 4.9m Telescopic Ladder in the UK

3. Teenza Telescopic Ladder

(Check the price on Amazon)

The affordable, portable, and reliable Teenza 4.9m Telescopic Ladder is a durable option for home and professional fields. Its safe and robust design features a crossbar at the bottom to increase support stability. The extra-wide steps provide the necessary space for more comfortable standing.

The retractable ladder also allows for multiple heights. With the shoulder straps unfastened, you can easily pull the ladder to the desired height, and it will automatically lock with a click.

This ladder (built with aviation aluminium material) is light and, at the same time, sturdy enough to hold a max weight of 150kg/330lb – almost twice the weight of the average man or woman. It allows you to move the ladder around easily while staying stable enough for you to get tough jobs done. 

The hooks and widened base equally prevent the ladder from moving when in use, while the large rubber foot cover provides anti-skid functionality and effectively protect the indoor floor. 

Weighing just 13kg, moving the ladder is easy for the average user. As a result, it remains the perfect accessory to keep in your van or store in your garage for home use. While the 4.9m ladder boasts some pretty impressive features including sturdiness and durability, it stands out in the price area. It costs way less than products with fewer height options and functionality features.

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  • Total Height: 4.9m
  • Weight: 13kg
  • Build: Aluminium
  • Max Load Capacity: 150kg
  • Anti-skid large rubber foot covers
  • Easy height adjust
  • Easy to use
  • Hooks and widened base to improve sturdiness
  • Build quality is a bit dubious

Best 5m Telescopic Ladder in the UK

4. AutoFU Folding Telescopic Ladder

(Check the price on Amazon)


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This second mention from AutoFu is the most affordable option on our list if you consider the height the ladder offers. When fully extended, it measures 5m/16.4ft, which is just about 500cm. Durable yet light, this ladder prioritizes the user’s comfort.

In addition, it features wider spacing of up to 40cm between its steps, allowing easy movement up and down the ladder. The retracted length is 98cm. This feature is a big plus as it makes it easier to store in your garage, tail box, closet, or just about any space that would fit.

The aluminium construction keeps the ladder light, weighing about 13.3kg and allowing you to store and install it without any extra assistance. Although incredibly light, it is very sturdy. The weight rating maxes at 150 kg, which is not surprising considering all the best ladders have the same rating.

The ladder comes with all the regular safety features you will find in other AutoFu options. There is a self-locking feature that ensures every step stays in place while you work. By self-locking, we mean the step will stay locked in place immediately after the ladder is extended beyond that step. To unlock the step, push the locking buttons inward, and this will allow you to retract the ladder for storage.

To make storage even easier, AutoFu adds Velcro straps to your purchase. This addition takes care of the ladder storage and helps with easy transportation.

Another handy feature is the large anti-slip rungs on each step. They will give you a full sense of security even when climbing with your bare feet. The ladder’s feet feature rubber anti-slip to provide stability.

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  • Total Height: 5m/16.4ft
  • Weight: 13.3kg
  • Build: Aluminium
  • Max Load Capacity: 150Kg


  • Versatile and portable ladder
  • Self-locking feature
  • EN131 certified
  • Durable build


Could be difficult to use at a height

Best 6.2m Telescopic Ladder in the UK

5. AutoFu Aluminium Extension Telescopic Ladder

(Check the price on Amazon)

If you’re looking for a longer and affordable pick, then look no further than the AutoFu 6.2m/20.35 ft Aluminium Extension Telescopic Ladder. This ladder will take you up to 20ft high, helping you reach your attic and other heights during professional work in a warehouse, office, bookshop, or library.

The extra height means it will be a little heavier than the aforementioned picks, but it is by no means bulky. This ladder weighs just 16.3kg (36lbs).

The aluminium build also ensures it is lightweight but sturdy, implying you don’t have to worry about carrying the ladder. Its sturdiness equally ensures it will be tough enough to hold your weight while in use. The ladder has a max load capacity of 150kg/330lbs. There is not much difference between the other shorter options, but it is more than enough for just about anybody.

Fully extended, the AutoFu ladder features 15 steps with a step spacing of 40cm that is more than enough to accommodate both feet. You can also adjust the ladder to several heights to fit a wide range of jobs. In addition, you will find a self-locking feature on every footboard that keeps the ladder in place while allowing for convenient customisation.

This retractable ladder is designed with safety in mind and comes with several security features to keep you and your environment in the best working conditions. The large anti-slip rungs on each step keep you secured regardless of how high up you are on the ladder.

There is also an anti-slip foot added to the ladder’s legs to keep it in place at all times. Finally, it features Velcro straps for easy storage and transportation. This feature allows you to save storage space as well.

Extending and retracting the ladder shouldn’t be much of a hassle. Both processes are extremely simple and will only require a few seconds. To extend the ladder, you need to pull up a section, ensure both left/right locks are in place, and it’s ready for use. Retraction simply requires unlocking the steps.

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  • Total Height: 6.2m/20.35ft
  • Weight: 16.3 kg
  • Build: Aluminium
  • Max Load Capacity: 150kg


  • Lightweight
  • Wide step spacing
  • Easy to operate
  • EN131 certified


  • Not very sturdy at full extension

Things to Consider when Buying a Telescopic Ladder

When searching for the best telescopic ladders, you should take your safety and the quality of the ladder very seriously.

Although these ladders are designed to help you reach high places, any miscalculation could lead to serious problems. With these factors in mind, they should help you select the right telescopic ladder, which gives you value for your money and keeps you safe.

Build quality

The best telescopic ladders usually come with an aluminium build, light and sturdy materials that will stand the test of time. For this reason, you should only look for ladders with aluminium builds as they are more durable and reliable.

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Safety features

The design of telescopic ladders can make safety a concern. On this note, it would be best if you looked out for an auto-lock feature that ensures the rungs and steps are locked in place immediately after the ladder is raised.

You should also check whether you can easily open and close the telescopic ladder without getting your fingers trapped.

Check for safety foot covers. The best telescopic ladders feature anti-slip rubber covers to keep the ladder in place when in use.

Finally, check for some certifications. Ladders that are built according to EN131 standards are generally safer than those that are not.

Weight-bearing capacity

There is not much decision to be made when considering the weight-bearing capacity as most telescopic ladders have a maximum weight capacity of 150kg. This max weight capacity is way higher than the average person’s weight, so you need not worry about the steps falling apart while in use.


The size or length of the ladder depends on its proposed use. For example, ladders needed for home or personal use are generally shorter than those required for professional use. When choosing the size and length, keep in mind that the top two ladder rungs are off-limits for safety reasons.

You should also note that longer or taller ladders tend to be less stable as you go higher.


Are telescopic ladders safe in the UK?

Telescopic ladders are completely safe in the UK as long as you go for an option with an EN 131 certification. This mark assures you of the ladder’s quality, durability, and safety.

How wide is a telescopic ladder?

The steps of a telescopic ladder are usually 40cm wide, giving you enough space to stand securely while you go about home maintenance or just anything you want to do with the ladder.

How do you use a telescopic ladder?

Simply take it out of storage, pull out a section, and you will hear a click sound. This sound confirms that the right and left locks are in place. Set up the ladder against sturdy support and get to work.

How do you lock a telescopic ladder?

You won’t have to. Most telescopic ladders come with a self-locking feature that locks the steps immediately after the ladder is extended. However, the locks will pop upward when the step is extended and must be pushed inward to unlock the step.

Wrap Up

Choosing the best telescopic ladder for your needs won’t be easy. While you might be able to narrow things down by going for a particular length and height, the max load capacity, weight of the ladder, safety features, and certification are other important factors to consider. With this list, you should be able to make better decisions when choosing your telescopic ladder.

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5 Best Telescopic Ladders (UK) Review (2024)

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