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10 Best Train Apps in the UK

Travelling on a train is indeed blissful. 

It’s quite interesting and you’ll continue to look for more opportunities to sit tight in your coaches as the train takes you to your destination.

As technology continues to advance, more innovations are introduced into different industries. The transportation industry is not left out as travel apps have now been developed to make your journey smoother and more fun.

If you’re looking for the best train apps in the UK, you are not alone. I’ve compiled the list of apps to consider using. 

Top 10 Train Apps to Use in the UK

In this article, I’ll reveal some of the innovative mobile applications that train travellers in the UK rely on any time they want to book a seat on the train.

1. Trainline

First on the list is Trainline. There’s no doubt that it is one of the most used train apps in the UK and Europe. And rightly so because the app has most of the impressive features that you can count on anytime, any day for a smooth travelling experience.

First, it allows you to purchase train tickets online, thereby saving you time and money that you could have spent to travel many miles to the train station.

Second, it is versatile, as the app is operable on different mobile device operating systems including Android and iOS for iPhone users.

Third and most important, the app allows you to get real-time information on train schedules. This way, you will know the exact time to expect the journey to commence and stop.

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2. Moovit

Moovit is another train app that you will love. It offers a lot of options ranging from the expected arrival of trains at the final destination to the routes you can take to locate the closest train station and subways.

Although it doesn’t allow you to book for train tickets online, it compensates you by giving you updates about delays and service changes as well as access to over 3000 cities in 98 countries.

3. JustRide – MBTA

The concept behind JustRide is to be a mobile ticketing application that allows you to pay for, download, and display your train ticket using your mobile device. The beauty of it is that you don’t necessarily need to connect to the internet when you need to use your tickets because they are stored for offline use.

Also, the app provides you with a load of other train travel options like scheduled departures and maps of train stations.

4. Omio

Sometimes, you need to plan ahead of your next train trip; it is not all about booking your tickets online. This time, you have to consider many other options. That is where the Omio train app comes in to help you.

Previously called GoEuro, Omio is one of the popular train apps passengers use in the UK. It is usable in a wide range of locations because it has wide acceptance in many European cities.

Among the many features it offers are online train ticketing, train schedules, and navigation.

5. Trainz Driver

Do you fancy additional fun while travelling on a train? Have you always wanted to drive a train but somehow feel you are not cut out for it?

You can bring your fantasies to life thanks to Trainz Driver. This train driving game and simulator allows you to travel to different parts of the world in 3D.

You can also do several other train-like activities such as driving faster and crashing your train.

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6. HopStop

Whether you are new to the UK train system or have been boarding trains for a long time, there comes a time when you need help for navigation purposes.

With the HopStop train direction mobile app, you will have all the confidence in the world when travelling by train.

What the app does is that it points out different directions so that you can know them by heart. The fascinating thing is that it has detailed information about station-to-station schedules, train directions, and local station search.

7. Rail Commute

It will do you a world of good if you download the Rail Commute train app before you book your next train ticket. Downloading and using the app will save you a lot of headaches ranging from train delays to difficulty in locating the train station.

The Rail Commute train app provides live and updated information on different train-centric matters like train platforms, arrivals, and departures.

And if you are a social media freak, the app also presents some features to keep you connected to the online world. With that in place, you can be certain of communicating with your friends, family, and colleagues via Twitter. 

There is also support for additional communication channels including SMS, Facebook, and Email.

8. Eurail/InterRail

Eurail and InterRail are rail planning apps developed by the same company. Their goal is to simplify the process of planning your train trips.

In addition to allowing you to book train tickets online, the apps also allow you to get real-time updates on train schedules and availability of rail passes and train bookings.

One other feature that makes the fusion of Eurail and InterRail unique is the availability of options to select from – when you get to your final destination. This includes museum discounts (exclusive to pass holders), discounts on boat and ferry trips, and hotel discounts in select hotels.

9. Tube Map

Wondering about when your next tube is coming? You don’t have to wait for long because everything is simplified thanks to Tube Map.

This train app allows you to check the location of your next tube as well as look for potential delays that may be keeping your tube from coming as fast as you expect.

Besides, it provides an accurate and live update on the location you are. And this includes the availability of cross-capital travels, alternative routes you can take if your tube isn’t coming, and directions to the nearest tube location.

10. Train Conductor

Once more, your fantasies of conducting and driving a train are about to come to pass if you use the Train Conductor mobile app.

This dedicated train app is available to Android and iOS users. You get to play different simulating games that further increase your love for conducting a train.

Also, you can try your hands on different aspects of the game so that you can better master how to drive a train. The most significant move there is to try driving and conducting the game during the peak-hour rush.


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