Where to Buy Solar Panels in the UK: 10 Best Places

where to buy solar panels uk

Solar energy usage has been on the increase over the years.

According to the report by the UK government in 2020, almost 1 million homes had solar installations.

This is a dramatic increase compared to the usage a decade before.

If you intend to join the bandwagon of these renewable energy users, it’s important to get your solar module from reliable sources.

With the availability of many suppliers on the market, buying from reputable sellers will save you the challenges often experienced by low-quality products.

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Top 10 Places Where to Buy Solar Panels Online & Offline in the UK

This list is a compilation of the best places to buy solar panels in the UK. They offer quality modules from popular brands.

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1. Sunstore

This is a family-run business with a proven track record.

Here, you can get 6v, 12v, large, and semi-flexible marine panels.

Some major brands they offer are LG, Panasonic, and JA Solar. These are popular brands that manufacture high-quality solar panels.

Their 6v and 12v solar panels can be used to charge batteries for automotive or leisure purposes.

The larger variants are suitable for higher energy needs whether for residential or commercial purposes. They can be combined together to form solar grid-tied inverters.

Sunstore is a reputable company that also offers other solar products. Their product categories include off-grid solar power, 12v solar kits, and hybrid power generators.

2. Buy PV Direct

Perlight PV panels, REC solar panels, Off Grid solar panels, and LG solar panels are the variety of solar panels offered by this company.

Their solar panels are suitable for residential, commercial, industrial, and utility purposes.

Buy PV Direct strives to satisfy customers to the best of their ability. They offer to deliver products to customers the next day after orders are placed as long as the orders are made before 12PM.

Their modules are designed to meet international standards. They also come with weather-resistant junction boxes.

This feature, in addition to others, enables them to hold out against extreme weather conditions.

  • Website: https://www.buypvdirect.com
  • Email: info@buypvdirect.com
  • Phone: +44 (0)1945 870818
  • Address: Amnicola, Kirkgate, Tydd St Giles, Wisbech PE13 5NE
where to buy diy solar panels

3. Solar Supplies

This company has been in the solar panel business for over a decade.

They supply solar products to customers across the UK, South America, and Europe.

Although their website isn’t very user-friendly, it showcases a range of solar panels to choose from. Browse through the website for the solar panel of your choice and give them a call to place your order.

Aside from solar panels, the company also offers solar inverters, solar batteries, solar water heating systems, and solar thermal collectors.

If for any reason, you need to return a product after purchase, ensure that you do that within 30 days of delivery. This is because their return policy lasts for only 30 days.

  • Website: https://solarsuppliesuk.co.uk
  • Email: support@solarsuppliesuk.co.uk
  • Phone: 07940916219
  • Address: 49 Padstow Rd, Nottingham NG55GH UK

4. First4Solar

This is an award-winning company that has a proven track record.

It’s a family-run business that offers a wide range of solar panels and other solar equipment.

Not only do you get solar panels from them, but you also get professional installations of your panels. Their prices are usually inclusive of their products, survey, installation, and VAT.

The company promises to offer the best price on the market. They guarantee that if you have a genuine quotation from any other company, they will provide a better quotation.

In addition to the best price, you’ll also get premium products from leading manufacturers.

  • Website: https://first4solar.co.uk
  • Phone: 0800 246 5588
  • Address: Vicarage Chambers, 9 Park Square East, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 2LH

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5. UK Solar Power

UK Solar Power is determined to provide solar panels made to British standards. In addition, they’re also committed to offering the best price on the market for quality products.

Their solar panels are Grade ‘A’ PERC panels. This means that you get up to 5% more efficiency from these panels as compared to other panels.

The panels are durable and come with up to 25 years of performance warranty.

It’s good to know that UK Solar Power also offers solar installation services. This is a good thing because you’ll have your solar panel supplied and installed by the same company.

  • Website: https://www.uksolarpower.com
  • Email: info@uksolarpower.com
  • Phone: +442088557428
  • Address: 2 Falcon Gate, Shire Park, Welwyn Garden City AL7 1TW

6. 0Bills

Here’s a major supplier of renewable energy products in the UK and Europe.

The company has several warehouses across the globe where it stocks solar panels from various brands.

Solar panel brands they offer include Panasonic, Q-Cells, Sunpower, Canadian Solar, JA Solar, LG, Astronergy, Solaria, REC Solar, GCL, and TCL.

They have a distribution centre in the UK from where they supply modules to customers nationwide.

0Bills provides solar panels of various capacities. The sizes range from 50W to 600W. And they’re suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial uses.

The company’s website is quite easy to navigate. It is designed to allow customers to place an order for a module of their choice at any time of the day.

  • Website: https://www.zerohomebills.com
  • Phone: + 44 333 772 0526
  • Address: 5 Kew Road, TW9 2PR, Richmond, London, United Kingdom
where to buy solar panels online

7. Eos Solar Solutions

If you’re looking for the right solar panel for use in a remote location, this is a great place to consider.

They specialise in supplying solar panels for workshops, man caves, small sheds, and similar places. They’re ready to supply the module of choice from their distribution centre here in the UK.

Getting your first or next solar panel from this company can be done easily on their website. It is user-friendly and showcases solar panels of different sizes.

It’s worth noting that the major brand supplied by this company is Canadian Solar. You may have difficulty getting other top brands from them.

  • Website: https://www.eossolarsolutions.co.uk
  • Address: Eos Solar Solutions Ltd, Northampton NN3

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8. Marlec

With over 30 years of experience in the solar energy business, Marlec has become one of the most reliable solar panel suppliers in the UK.

Marlec is a major supplier of marine solar panels. If you’re planning to go on a trip with a boat and you need an energy supply, Marlec is capable of providing the most suitable solution.

Over the years, they’ve provided support and advice to the British Marine Federation regarding solar power for boats.

They also provide solar panels for remote power supply, camping, and caravans.

Some major brands you can get from them include Ameresco, Spectra, Alpex, and Sunware.

  • Website: https://www.marlec.co.uk
  • Email: sales@marlec.co.uk
  • Phone: +4401536201588
  • Address: Rutland House, Trevithick Road, Corby, Northants NN17 5XY

9. Amazon

Amazon is a hub of a wide range of solar panel brands.

The online store features low-grade and premium modules. You’ll also get modules from popular brands and less popular brands.

One great thing about buying your solar panel from Amazon is that you get to read reviews from previous users.

This is very important as it’ll help you in your decision-making. You’ll have a reasonable understanding of the durability and efficiency of any product before you choose to buy it.

  • Website: https://www.amazon.co.uk

10. eBay

If you’re comfortable with buying a used solar panel, then check out eBay.

You’ll get different sizes of solar panels being sold at auction.

To get any module of your choice, you place your bid and ensure that yours is the highest at the end of the auction. Alternatively, you can buy the product for the “buy now” price to skip the auction process completely.

If you eventually buy a solar panel at auction, you can either collect it in person or have it delivered to you. The delivery can be free or paid for, depending on the agreement. 

  • Website: https://www.ebay.co.uk

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Where to Buy Solar Panels in the UK: 10 Best Places

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