9 Best Hospitals in Leeds (UK) (2024)

hospitals in leeds uk

Principally, hospitals are healthcare institutions made up of various modern technologies and diagnostic capabilities to widen treatment possibilities and provide patients with specialised medical treatment.

These are made possible by a combination of medical research, biotechnology, and engineering, producing different arrays of treatment and instruments that need specialised training to handle.

The effectiveness of doctors and nurses in a hospital and how they care for their patients is also crucial.

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Top 10 Hospitals in Leeds (UK)

There are several hospitals in Leeds, but here are the best among them. These hospitals have dedicated health specialists that are experienced in treating a wide range of ailments. The hospitals also have pieces of modern equipment that ease the job of doctors and aid the quick recovery of patients.


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1. Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital

Nuffield is one of the best-ranked and largest private hospitals in Leeds. Surveys by international magazines, global market research, and consumer data company (Statistica Inc.) rank the quality of care given to their patients as outstanding.

Notably, Nuffield specialises in surgeries like spinal, cardiac, weight loss surgery, and maternity services. They also take care of people of various genders and ages and offer orthopaedics treatment. To cap it all, Nuffield boasts the best modern medical technologies and facilities.

  • Website: https://www.nuffieldhealth.com/hospitals/leeds
  • Email: leedsnuffield@nhs.net
  • Phone: 0113 388 2000
  • Address: 2 Leighton Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 3EB

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2. St James University Hospital

Also known as Jimmy, this hospital was founded in 1925 to replace infirmaries established under the 1848 poor law hospitals. Due to its media coverage, it is Leeds’s most famous hospital. St. James boasts of an emergency unit that specialises in emergency medicine and runs for 24hrs.

  • Website:  https://www.leedsth.nhs.uk/patients-visitors/our-hospitals/st-james-university-hospital
  • Phone: 0113 243 3144
  • Address: Beckett Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS9 7TF

3. Leeds General Infirmary

Leeds General Infirmary, also called LGI, is a large teaching hospital in the heart of Leeds. It was formerly known as the general infirmary at Leeds. Today, it is a specialist centre for various medical services such as transplants and trauma treatment.

Equally, LGI offers acute medical services like intensive care, dependency (high), maternity, and accident and emergency. This hospital has saved lives for over 200 years.


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  • Website:  https://www.leedsth.nhs.uk/patients-visitors/our-hospitals/leeds-general-infirmary
  • Phone: 0113 243 2799
  • Address: Great George Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 3ES

4. Chapel Allerton Hospital

Chapel Allerton Hospital is renowned for providing outpatient and inpatient services to residents of Leeds and environ. It is a nationally acclaimed centre for musculoskeletal research. They offer rehabilitation, rheumatology, inpatient diabetes, geriatric medicine, dermatology, cancer, and children’s adolescent services.

  • Website:  https://www.leedsth.nhs.uk/patients-visitors/our-hospitals/chapel-allerton-hospital
  • Phone: (0113) 262 3404
  • Address: Chapel Town Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, L57 45A

5. Wharfedale General Hospital

Wharfedale General Hospital provides quality medical services and a wide range of specialities.  Their caring, compassionate, and experienced staff are at the forefront of rendering these services. Wharfedale offers cardiology, endoscopy, radiology, lymphoedema, phlebotomy, anticoagulant, and chemotherapy treatment.

Their inpatient and outpatient units are led by multi-disciplinary consultants.

  • Website: https://www.leedsth.nhs.uk/patients-visitors/our-hospitals/wharfedale-hospital
  • Phone: (01943) 4655 22
  • Address: Newall Carr Road, Otley, West Yorkshire, LS21 2LY

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6. Leeds Children’s Hospital

This hospital aims to deliver the best services to children and their families. They boast of a state-of-the-art building, fully equipped with cutting-edge facilities and medical equipment. Leeds Children’s Hospital is popular for treating children with rare medical conditions.

  • Website: http://www.health.nhs.uk/patient-visitors/our hospitals/Leeds-children’s-hospital
  • Email: pals@midyorks.nhs.uk
  • Phone: (0113) 243 2799
  • Address: Clarendon Wing Leeds General Infirmary Leeds West Yorkshire LS1 3EX

7. Spire Leeds Hospital

Spire Leeds is one of the largest hospitals in Leeds, offering over 20 medical specialities treatments, including cardiology, orthopaedic, oncology, and general surgery. They also offer treatment to children and adults, alongside an E-referral service (e-RS).

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  • Website: https://www.spirehealthcare.com/spire-leeds-hospital
  • Email: spire.leeds@nhs.net
  • Phone: 0113 213 6930
  • Address: Jackson Avenue, Roundhay Leeds, L58 1NT

8. Leeds Dental Institute

Ranking as one of the best hospitals in Leeds, this hospital aims at improving their patient’s dental care through research and education. Also, they offer dental care routines to support the next generation. These routines include training dental health professionals like the dentist, dental hygienist, dental therapist, dental nurses, and technicians.

  • Website:  https://www.leedsth.nhs.uk/patients-visitors/our-hospitals/leeds-dental-institute
  • Phone: 0113 2440 111
  • Address: Clarendon Way Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 9LU

9. Seacroft Hospital

This hospital is home to lots of outpatients and regional medical services. Their licensed fertility clinic, boasting top-notch laboratories, helps over 1500 patients annually. Seacroft hospital is easily accessible either by road or public transport. They are renowned for their superior maternity services, from pregnancy to labour and postnatal continuity care.

  • Website: https://www.leedsth.nhs.uk/patients-visitors/our-hospitals/seacroft-hospital
  • Phone: (0113) 2648 164
  • Address: Leeds Fertility Clinic, Seacroft Hospital, York Road Leeds LS14 6UH

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9 Best Hospitals in Leeds (UK) (2024)

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