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10 Best Cosmetic Packaging Suppliers in the UK

How you present your products to your customers plays a vital role in marketing.

The packaging you use is what determines how attractive your product is to your customers. As a committed business in the cosmetic industry, you need to partner with the right company from the numerous cosmetic packaging suppliers in the UK.

Getting the best service that can provide beautiful and customised packaging will go a long way to enhance your business and develop your brand.

Best Cosmetic Packaging Suppliers in the UK

Below is the list of carefully selected packaging suppliers that offer a wide variety of cosmetic packaging solutions to small and big businesses in the UK.

1 Raepak

Raepak is a UK based supplier of cosmetic packaging products to manufacturing companies worldwide. They’ve been in business for over two decades and have mastered the art of customer service.

They provide a dedicated account manager to each company they work with. This makes it easy for them to properly understand what each business requires and how best to provide bespoke services that will meet their needs.

The company endeavours to produce high-quality products that meet the standard that customers expect. They use the best materials for production and put the products through a series of test to make sure that they deliver nothing but the best.

This is a reliable company that has the necessary certifications required of a committed manufacturer suitable for local and international businesses.

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: + 44 (0) 1953 605 700
  • Address: Oaktree Business Park, Philip Ford Way, Wymondham, Norfolk NR18 9AQ

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2 Ampulla

They specialise in the supply of a wide range of packaging products to both big and small businesses in various sectors. Ampulla works with beauty businesses, home jam makers, caterers, and many others. Their products include bottles, jars, jerrycans, decanters, and tubs.

This is a registered company with a large customer base network. The high demand for their products has resulted in the expansion of their business to other locations in Europe.

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: 01613671414
  • Address: Highbank Office, Halton St, Hyde, Cheshire SK14 2NY

3 Bluesky Solutions

This company stocks packaging products ranging from aluminium to plastic. They supply their products to manufacturers that require standard packaging for liquid, tablet, powder, or any other consumer product.  And strive to provide cost-effective products that will perfectly fit the requirements of their customers.

The company positions itself as the right partner that will provide the packaging solutions necessary to protect, enhance, and promote any brand.

Bluesky Solutions has a team of experts that use years of combined experience to help customers to achieve their target positions in the marketplace.

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: +441472240940
  • Address: Horizon House, Estate Road Five, Grimsby DN31 2TG

4 Richmond

Richmond is a Glasgow based supplier of packaging products to a range of industries across the globe. They’re passionate about their customers and work towards making great packaging accessible to them whether they’re a big or small business.

As a customer-focused company, they continuously work on improving their customer service and aspire to meet customers’ needs.

Although Richmond Containers started as a company that exclusively provides packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, they now supply packaging products to a wide variety of industry sector.  

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: +44 (0) 1355 236 170
  • Address: 2 Redwood Avenue, Glasgow G74 5PE

5 Roma

This is a dedicated packaging supplier to companies in the beauty industry. They started out in 1965 as a supplier of nail polish bottles only. And later grew to become a recognised cosmetic packaging provider in the UK.

Over the years, Roma has been supplying its customers with various packaging products ranging from cosmetics to fragrances and toiletries. In addition to this, they provide print and decoration services to help you to personalise your packs and develop your brand.

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: +44(0) 1473 823279
  • Address: Lady Lane Industrial Estate, Hadleigh, Suffolk IP7 6BQ


HCP is a leading international manufacturer of packaging products for cosmetic, toiletry, skincare, and fragrance industries. With over 9 manufacturing factories in Europe, Asia, and North America, HCP is one of the best places to get a reliable cosmetic packaging solution.

They employ creative technology and state of the art manufacturing techniques to ensure quality services that will help you to step ahead of your competition.

The company has over 5000 employees that work hand in hand to help provide the best output for their customer base of over 250 brands.

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: +44 1202 670 099
  • Address: Tayfield House, 38 Poole Road, Westbourne, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH4 9DW, England

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7 Ideon

Here’s another company that serves both growing and established businesses. They provide packaging solutions for companies that require containers in small quantities and those that need them in large quantities.

Ideon understands that transporting and delivering your orders may add to your bill, so they offer to help you to load your personal carrier when you come to pick up your order from them. They’re a registered company that loves to hear from customers.

  • Website:
  • Email:

8 Vetroplas

They specialise in serving the cosmetics and personal care markets. Their range of high-quality products is specially made for these markets. Their products include airless containers, premium glass, jars, plastic bottles, flexible tubes, and aluminium bottles.

The company was established in 2006 and has been managed by a team of individuals who have the required expertise to run a reliable cosmetic packaging company. The team has years of combined experience that guides in taking the right step at the right time.  The company has worked with several happy customers over the years.

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: 01603305953
  • Address: Chalk Hill Cottage, 19 Rosary Road, Norwich, Norfolk NR1 1SZ, UK

9 Go Custom Boxes

This is one of the best places to go for custom-made packaging boxes. The company manufactures packaging boxes for various sectors ranging from cosmetics to food and beverages. They serve retailers who need the boxes in small quantities and established companies who need them in large quantities.

Go Custom Boxes set themselves apart from the competition by providing unique printed boxes tailored to meet individual customer. The boxes are manufactured in different sizes and shapes, depending on each customer’s requirements.

They employ the best technology and high-quality printing to ensure that their customers get the best packaging boxes on the market.  

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: +44 20 7993 5955
  • Address: Suite-11, Third Floor, 246- 250 Romford Road, City Gate House, London, England, E7 9HZ


SONE is an established designer and manufacturer based in the North East of England. The company has been around for 40 years. It was formally part of a German company but became independent in 2010 and has experienced a series of development since then.

They have a large 3000 square metre site that harbours 1 design studio, 3 plastic manufacturing plants, and 1 assembly hall. This is a committed company that aims to add value to their customers’ business.  

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: 01207288150
  • Address: Stationfield Road, Tanfield Lea Industrial Estate (South), Stanley, County Durham, DH9 9QX, England

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