17 Best Freight Forwarders in the UK (2024)

Freight Forwarders Uk

There are hundreds of freight forwarders in the UK.

Choosing the best freight forwarder in the UK may be a daunting task considering the countless options available.

I made this compilation of top freight forwarders in the UK to make things easy for companies and business owners.

Go through the list and take your time to do some background checks on the freight forwarding companies to see if they’re a good fit for your business.


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Most of the companies offer road freight, sea freight, and air freight services.

I also included the details of the companies so that you can easily contact them for more information. Use the details to also make enquiries about their charges if you’re more focused on working with cheap freight forwarders in the UK.

What is a Freight Forwarder in the UK?

In today’s increasingly globalised world, an ever-increasing amount of goods are being moved around the world to serve various demands and purposes.

Freight forwarders are necessary to make this happen.

A freight forwarder enables international trade in goods, managing all the processes from the point where the goods leave the warehouse of the exporter to the point where they’re received at the destination of the importer.

They oversee the handling and packing of cargo to minimise damage to the goods.

Top UK freight forwarders also help with clearing goods through customs either on their own or by enlisting the aid of a customs broker.

Best UK Freight Forwarding Companies

Below is the list of top freight forwarders in the UK.

uk freight companies

1. Dap UK Limited

Dap UK Limited partners with outstanding logistics providers to provide the best service to customers.

It is an independent freight forwarding company that works towards giving customers personal service throughout their entire forwarding process.

The company, which was established in 2002, has offices in Felixstowe, Rugeley, and Gret Yarmouth.

Dap UK offers tailored supply chain services to a variety of industries anywhere on the globe.

Their services include European transport, customs clearance and warehousing, freight management, and European express shipment among others.

The company can help to handle your consignment, which involves complex documentation when forwarding freight globally by sea or air.

They handle over 10,000 tonnes of cargo weekly, delivering all types of goods within and outside of Europe. It’s important to note that this company only handles commercial freight but not personal effects.

  • Website: http://www.dapuk.co.uk
  • Email: enquiries@dapuk.co.uk
  • Phone: +44 (0)1394 670058
  • Address: Candlet House, Gulpher Road Business Park, Gulpher Road, Felixstowe, IP11 9RB

2. John Good Shipping

This is a family-owned logistics provider with dedicated members of staff. It has offices in several locations in the UK, with its head office in Hull.

The locations are strategically selected to ease port operations and distributions. The company combines IT solutions with personalised service to keep you in control of your supply chain.

An interesting thing about John Good is that they donate a percentage of their annual profits to the Mathew Wood Foundation founded by their parent company.

It is a multi-award winner family-owned business that has been around for over 180 years.

  • Website: https://www.johngood.co.uk
  • Email: shipping@johngood.co.uk
  • Phone: +44 (0)1482 325781
  • Address: Matthew Good House, Bridgehead Business Park, Orchid Road, Hessle, HU13 0DH

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3. Bermuda Forwarders (UK) Ltd

This freight forwarder offers their whole services in Bermuda and the UK.

The company has locations in Manchester and London, where you can deliver your cargo. Alternatively, you can arrange to collect your cargo from anywhere in the UK.

The company offers sea freight, road freight, and air freight services with a quick delivery time.

If you intend to export your goods outside the UK, they provide tailored solutions to manage UK transport, packing, customs solution, and complete destination services wherever your consignment is delivered.

Their services include UK transport and storage, worldwide import and export, air and ocean imports, less than container load, full container load, and air freight services.

They aim to satisfy their customers by meeting their expectations.

  • Website: http://www.bermudaforwarders.co.uk
  • Email: export@bermudaforwarders.co.uk
  • Phone: +44 (0)161 870 3770
  • Address: Floats Road, Roundthorn Industrial Estate, Manchester M23 9NJ

4. Superior Freight Services UK Ltd

Superior Freight offers various services ranging from project forwarding to sea freight, air freight, road freight, and warehousing.

They have over 20 years of delivering an extraordinary level of customer service to clients.

The members of staff are reportedly friendly and help customers to the best of their ability.

They are an award-winning forwarding company with headquarters in London and offices in the USA and different countries in Europe.

  • Website: https://supuk.com
  • Email: superior@supuk.com
  • Phone: +44 (0)1753 686 863
  • Address: Unit 1 Polar Park, Bath Road, Sipson, Middlesex UB7 0EX

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5. Sandford Freight

This is a privately owned company that was founded in 1979 by Sean Sandford.

They have been providing freight forwarding and logistics services to customers for decades.

The company is situated at a completely secure trading estate with checkpoints and barriers on entry and exit to the estate.

  • Website: https://sandforduk.com
  • Email: freight@sandforduk.com
  • Phone: +44 (0) 1784 254900
  • Address: Unit 8 Radius Park, St.Theresa’s Road, Feltham, Middlesex, TW14 0NG
uk freight forwarding companies

6. Unsworth

Unsworth has over 4 decades of experience in freight forwarding.

They are continually elevating their services to customers by innovating and developing new solutions and technology.

By employing customer-driven technology, the company gives you total control over your supply chain.

  • Website: https://unsworth.uk
  • Email: enquiries@unsworth.uk
  • Phone: 020 8539 8899
  • Address: Unsworth, 3 Lemna Road, Leytonstone, London E11 1JL

7. J S Forwarding

This is a 2-in-1 company; it is both a freight forwarding and customs broker company.

J S Forwarding has over 100 years of experience in professional customer service.

With this company, you’d be confident of a reliable companion throughout the forwarding process.

  • Website: https://www.jsforwarding.co.uk
  • Email: info@jsforwarding.co.uk
  • Phone: +44 (0)1394 274747
  • Address: 124 -126 Hamilton Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk, IP11 7AB

8. International Forwarding Limited

International Forwarding Limited offers cargo shipment by air, road, sea, or a combination of any of these to deliver the best services to customers.

They have a distribution hub within the UK transport network where they are able to store, rework, and distribute customers’ cargo.

  • Website: https://internationalforwarding.co.uk
  • Email: enquiries@internationalforwarding.co.uk
  • Phone: +44 (0)1675 434690
  • Address: Station Road, Coleshill, Birmingham B46 1HT

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9. Embassy Freight Services

Embassy Freight Services has dedicated specialists who care for customers’ logistics requirements.

The company offers various services ranging from ocean freight to air freight, warehousing, and special services.

  • Website: https://www.embassyfreight.co.uk
  • Email: seaimports@embassyfreight.co.uk
  • Phone: +44 (0) 1268 820461
  • Address: Unit 1, Apollo Business Park, Paycocke Road, Basildon, Essex, SS14 3NW United Kingdom

10. Ebrex UK Ltd

This company offers international freight forwarding within all European countries using speedy vans, FTL, groupage, and LTL.

Ebrex UK Ltd works with multinational companies; they collect components from manufacturers for delivery to distribution centres.

  • Website: https://www.ebrexlogistics.com
  • Email: info@ebrex.co.uk
  • Phone: +44 1543 670096
biggest freight forwarders uk

11. FWD Freight Services Ltd

This is a Liverpool-based provider that has been providing international freight forwarding and logistics services since 1986.

The company has a team of dedicated professionals that are trained to offer tailored services to suit customers’ needs.

  • Website: https://fwd-freight.co.uk
  • Email: sales@fwd-freight.co.uk
  • Phone: 0151 236 2006
  • Address: 4th Floor, 19 Old Hall Street, Liverpool, L3 9JQ

12. Trico Freight UK

If you’re looking for specialists in removals, you’ve found one.

Trico Freight has decades of experience in removals and unaccompanied baggage to any destination in the world.

This is arguably the only company that offers sailing to Sri Lanka on a weekly basis.

  • Website: http://www.tricofreight.co.uk
  • Email: info@tricofreight.co.uk
  • Phone: 0208 8888 787
  • Address: Intec House, 49 Moxon Street, Barnet EN5 5TS

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5 Best International Freight Forwarders in the UK

Below are the most recommended international freight forwarding companies in the UK to contact for reliable freight services.

international freight forwarding company in uk

13. Simarco International Ltd.

Simarco International has been offering freight forwarding services for over 25 years.

Today, it moves cargo across all global shipping routes.

The company’s services are not limited to any particular sector as they handle all types of cargo.

Their services are made flexible to adequately cater for the dynamic requirements of clients.  

It’s good to know that the company holds the Authorised Economic Operator Certification (AEO-C).

Simarco has a warehouse that gives it the capacity to store large shipments.

  • Website: https://www.simarco.com
  • Email: sales@simarco.com
  • Phone: +44 (0)1376 501 110
  • Address: Simarco House, Crittall Road, Witham, Essex, CM8 3DR

14. Ucargo

No matter your preferred means of transportation for your cargo, Ucargo has a provision for you.

The company has a worldwide network of contacts who help ease the movement of goods internationally.

They have close links to air cargo service providers who offer fast movements of cargo at the best rates.

For clients who wish to use the relatively cost-effective option, Ucargo has partners across international ports who aid in facilitating this.

The freight forwarder also offers road haulage.

Ucargo has won several awards including emerging as a finalist in the 2019 and 2020 editions of the BIFA Freight Service Awards.

  • Website: https://www.ucargo.co.uk
  • Email: operations@ucargo.co.uk
  • Phone: 01474 559500
  • Address: Third Floor, Windmill House, 129-130 Windmill St, Gravesend, Kent DA12 1BL, United Kingdom

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15. Ligentia

From its base in Leeds, Ligentia carries out global freight forwarding operations guided by innovation, transparency, and efficiency.

Customers can use the company’s innovative tracing technology to monitor the progress of their cargo at all times. Moreover, Ligentia offers help with clearing goods past customs in all countries.

For importers who wish to import consignments that are not up to a full container load (FCL), the company allows the sharing of a container with other goods heading to the same destination.

For such shipments, the client is charged according to cargo volume rather than on a flat rate as is the case with full container load consignments.

Ligentia is an established company hailed by customers for its consistency and reliability.

  • Website: https://www.ligentia.com
  • Email: leeds@ligentia.global
  • Phone: +44 (0)113 344 4000
  • Address: Ligentia House, 6 Butler Way, Leeds, LS28 6EA
uk international freight forwarders

16. Frontier Forwarding Services

Operating from a location close to London’s Heathrow Airport, Frontier Forwarding Services is an international freight forwarder that helps clients move cargo across countries by sea, road, and air.

The company caters for both full container load and less than container load shipments. It also provides customs clearance services for which it holds an Authorised Economic Operator license.

Clients praise the reliability, careful handling of goods, and efficient service delivery of the company.

Their warehouse facility located near Heathrow Airport them a perfect choice for clients wishing to import goods via this airport.

  • Website: https://frontierforwarding.co.uk
  • Email: info@frontierforwarding.co.uk
  • Phone: 0208 893 7722
  • Address: Frontier House, Pier Road, Feltham, London Heathrow Airport, Middlesex TW14 0TW

17. Barrington Freight

This freight forwarder offers international freight forwarding services tailored to the individual needs of clients.

They deliver to destinations worldwide in a very timely manner, which makes them perfect for handling emergency deliveries.

The company enlighten clients with practical advice on the processes involved in freight forwarding to enable them to choose the best option that will suit their needs and expectations.

Barrington Freight, however, only delivers “business to business” cargo.

They rely on quality customer relations with a friendly approach that encourages greater communication, openness, and accountability with clients.

  • Website: https://www.barringtonfreight.co.uk
  • Email: sales@barringtonfreight.co.uk
  • Phone: 01268 525 444
  • Address: Bowden House, Luckyn Lane, Basildon, Essex SS14 3AX

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Top 10 European Freight Forwarders

top 10 european freight forwarders

1. Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

With over 20,000 employees in nearly 500 offices scattered around almost 200 countries, this company certainly ranks among freight forwarders with the highest amount of global resources.

But size is not all that this German freight forwarding firm brings to the table.

The company also brings over 150 years of experience to bear in helping clients move goods efficiently across national borders by all means of transportation.

Hellmann uses innovative digital technology to cater to its different client requirements.

It started as a family business and has remained so, translating its family values to its company culture.

  • Website: https://www.hellmann.com

2. DHL

DHL is considered by many to be the biggest freight forwarder in the world. It has a staff strength of nearly 400,000 employees in over 200 countries.

It moves cargo of all sizes and weights ranging from documents and letters to heavy cargo consignments.

The company tries to stay a step ahead of its competition by investing in research and development of new technologies and systems in the logistics world.

DHL is a leader in the field of “green logistics”, which involves reducing the harm that freight forwarding causes the environment.

The firm makes conscious efforts to keep its emissions at a minimum while maintaining the quality of its services.

Website: https://www.dhl.com

3. DB Schneker

DB Schneker is a German-based freight forwarding and logistics management company that’s over 150 years old.

It caters to all business types and manages all cargo sizes. The company offers freight by air, ocean, and land.


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A giant in the sea freight business, it moves nearly 6,000 containers of both Less-than-container Load and Full Container Load sizes daily.

It is also involved in sustainability efforts to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions such as enhancing access to environmentally friendly wood gas stoves in developing countries.

The company also makes efforts to protect the ocean and forests.

Website: https://www.dbschenker.com

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4. Bollore Logistics

They offer cargo transport using multiple modes of transport with a special focus on ocean freight.

The company is well-established with a presence in over 100 countries.

Initially set up mainly as an expert at Frano-African shipments, the Paris-based company has now spread its transport capabilities to cover the entire world.

Bollore Logistics renders cargo freight services to a wide variety of industries ranging from cosmetics to medical, heavy manufacturing, and automobile industries.

They also run several research and innovation centres to keep them up with developments in the field of global logistics.

Website: https://www.bollore-logistics.com

list of european freight forwarders

5. Geodis

Geodis is owned by the SNCF Group. It is largely considered to be one of the best logistics companies in France.

And is over 100 years old, having been founded as far back as 1904.

The valuable knowledge the company has garnered from its vast experience places it in a good position to understand the requirements of clients.

Their declared intention is to use this knowledge to improve the satisfaction of clients.

Today, the company has established itself in nearly 70 countries globally. Their activities are regulated by ethical standards and respect for relevant legal requirements.

Website: https://geodis.com

6. DSV

This freight forwarder currently boasts a workforce of over 3,000 employees working in over 20 offices in its home country.

They also have a presence in more than 90 countries with over 75,000 employees. This allows them to efficiently provide road, air, and sea freight services.

DSV has several warehouses that help to solve logistics problems for companies.

They aim to be the best freight forwarder globally and strive to achieve this through constant innovation and customer-focused services.

Website: https://www.dsv.com

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7. Dachser

From its base in Kempten, Germany, Dachser is active in over 40 countries and has carried out over 80 million global shipments.

The firm is one of Europe’s largest logistics companies that manage the movement, storage, and delivery of cargo globally.

Although Dachser operates a formal administrative structure, it is a family-owned company and this influences its values as it places a great premium on staff welfare.

The company invests in research to mitigate the negative effects of logistics services on the environment.

Website: https://www.dachser.com

european freight forwarders

8. Jost

Jost is one of the top freight forwarders in Europe offering customs clearance, cargo transport, and storage in its many warehouses, among other services.

The company owns and uses a fleet of over 1,000 trucks and 3,000 trailers that are selected for their low greenhouse gas emissions.

Jost allows customers to select, from their fleet, the type of vehicle they prefer to be used in conveying their cargo.

The company has a system of interconnected bases and routes all over Europe and North Africa. This enables clients to access speedy service delivered by the company’s contacts in their respective countries.

The freight forwarding company incorporates state-of-the-art technology to boost the quality of its service delivery and increase customer satisfaction.

Website: https://jostgroup.com/en

9. APL Logistics

Starting as an ocean freight forwarding company, APL Logistics has since evolved into a company that offers multimodal logistics services to various destinations around the globe.

Their slogan, “Making the impossible, possible”, clearly expresses their mission.

To drive development and achieve the “impossible” in terms of logistical services, they invest in human capital, equipment, as well as technology.

The company is customer-oriented and seeks to place itself in the right position to meet the changing requirements of clients.

Website: https://www.apllogistics.com

10. Gosselin Group

Founded in 1930, this Belgian freight forwarder has now established its presence in several countries.

They aim to provide services that help clients reduce costs and keep damage to the environment at the lowest possible minimum.

To this end, they provide warehousing and customs clearing services for customers to move cargo with ease.

Gosselin also has members of staff that represent a blend of promising youth and experienced hands that conduct the handling of cargo safely and efficiently.

Website: https://gosselingroup.eu

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Who is a Freight Broker?

A freight broker is a company, professional agent, or middleman who is responsible for connecting shippers with freight carriers, and helps to facilitate the transportation and delivery of freight/goods across the country.

They support businesses or shippers by helping them to handle all the legal elements of transporting freight from one place to another.

freight brokers uk

Some of the ways a freight broker achieves this are by helping businesses to hire efficient and reliable freight carrier services, negotiating prices and contracts, tracking loads, scheduling orders with carriers, communicating transport quotes with clients, and monitoring carriers for businesses.

Many businesses hire freight brokers to save cost and time and make the transportation of their freight hassle-free.

How to Become a Freight Broker in the UK

Gain Experience

The best way to kick-start a career as a freight broker in the UK is by gaining the relevant experience that will enable you to function effectively in the industry.

One of the ways you can gain industry experience is by working or interning with a reputable UK freight brokerage company.

Learn from those who are experienced in the industry and have them mentor you about the pros and cons of the business.

You’ll also need to develop your skill set by learning effective communication and negotiation skills to help you easily close deals with clients.

Get Certified

This is a great way of strengthening your expertise and professionalism as a freight broker.

Attending a freight broker school will train and equip you with the right knowledge about the industry’s best practices and trends, technology tools, and other skills that will enable you to run a successful freight brokerage company.

This will also make you a certified freight broker after the successful completion of your course or training.

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Find Your Niche

Having a niche is the best way to solidify your expertise in the brokerage business.

Pick a niche that you’re most passionate about and work towards mastering it effectively.

You could decide to specialise in automotive, food, fashion, or any other niche you desire.

Having a niche will make you stand out from the competition and give you a sense of direction about your target industry or market.

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Choose and Register Your Company Name

After deciding on your niche, the next step is to give your business or brand identity by giving it a unique name and logo.

Once that’s done, you can proceed to register the business name and identify the kind of entity your company will operate as.

You may decide to operate a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or limited liability company.

Create a Business Plan

how to become a freight broker uk

The next process that can help you to become a successful freight broker in the UK is by creating or developing a solid business plan.

Your business plan will guide you on the various strategies and procedures that will enable you to start your business on the right footing.

It plays an important role in the success of your business and will help you to effectively target your niche industry.

Acquire the Necessary Licenses or Documents

Every business has various licenses and paperwork that must be duly completed before becoming fully operational.

You must ensure that your licenses, insurance, bond, taxes, and other documents that relate to your business are well taken care of.

This will enable you to operate easily without running into trouble with the government.

Look for the Right Carriers

You can’t be a freight broker without having a carrier to work with.

So, finding the right carrier is one of the most important things you need to become a successful freight broker.

There are many ways to find a carrier for your business, some of them include; networking events, online directories, and referrals/recommendations.

Ensure that you find carriers in your niche industry and try to work with a couple of them to choose the ones you find easier to work with.

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Have a Process Agent

You must also ensure that you have process agents in every location you conduct your freight brokerage business.

This will make it easier for you to work efficiently and scale globally.

Set up Your Office

become a freight broker in uk

You need to have a well-equipped office space to run your business effectively.

Whether you choose to start small from your home office or rent an office space, having an office will create a great work environment for your business.

Raise Awareness

Once you have everything you need to work as a freight broker, the final stage is to market your business by creating awareness through various channels.

This will help you to get your target clients or shippers.

Some of the ways you can create awareness for your business are through online marketing, attending freight brokers’ conferences or seminars, networking with the right people, and sharing your business cards and flyers.

Best Freight Brokers in the UK

Here are reliable freight agents in the UK to consider.

1. Freight Broker UK

They specialise in providing the best courier broker services to the fashion industry across the UK and beyond.

Since it began operations in 2005, the company has helped various fashion businesses in the UK to scale internationally by helping them to facilitate the seamless transportation of shipments to customers within and outside the UK.

Freight Broker UK also offers bespoke freight broker services that help to meet the need of their clients.

Their 24/7 customer support is always available to provide solutions to any problem customers might encounter.

  • Website: https://www.freightbrokersuk.com
  • Email: info@freightbrokersuk.com
  • Phone: +442084516703
  • Address: Freight Brokers Ltd., 28 Chambers Lane, London, NW10 2RJ
best freight brokers uk

2. UK Import Services

If you’re looking for a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective freight broker to handle all your shipping needs, then consider UK Import Services.

The company works with different agents across the globe to provide quality services at all times, irrespective of where you’re importing or exporting your goods.

They help both private individuals and global corporations to arrange customs clearance and delivery of their shipments to their clients at affordable prices.

The company has the experience and expertise to cater to all your freight brokerage needs.

The best part of it all is that they have the resources and freight carrier connection to facilitate shipments, whether you choose to ship your goods by air, land, or sea.

  • Website: https://www.ukfreight.org
  • Email: enquiries@ukimportservices.com
  • Phone: 0845 309 6360
  • Address: UK Import Services Limited, PO Box 832, Rainham, Kent ME8 1DQ

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3. Eurosonix

Eurosonix is a reputable freight brokerage company that specialises in providing the best freight forwarding services to individuals and business organisations.

Part of the services they offer includes logistics and supply chain management, customs clearance, insurance, inventory management, and documentation.

The company takes pride in providing affordable, time-effective, and reliable freight brokerage services for businesses in the UK, Europe, and other locations across the globe.

  • Website: https://eurosonix.co.uk
  • Email: support@eurosonix.co.uk
  • Phone: 01422387530
  • Address: Unit 20 Phoenix House, Hyssop Close, Hemlock Way, Cannock, WS11 7GA

Wrap Up

There are hundreds of freight forwarding companies in the UK that provide various services; these are only a few of them.

Before choosing a company to work with, do some background checks to be sure that they can deliver as expected.

Also, make enquiries on any charges that may come up during the forwarding process.

This is very important so that you don’t get to pay extra fees for unexpected and unplanned charges.

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