Best Public Transport Apps in the UK (2024)

best public transport app uk

The use of mobile applications can save you a lot of time because you can do a lot of things using your smartphone.

As mobile apps continue to advance, transportation networks in the UK are also seizing the opportunity to integrate them into their transportation systems. 

As a result, there are multiple public transport apps in the UK that you can rely on at all times to have a smooth and splendid journey on public transport nationwide.

Are you looking for the best public transport apps with specific features that will make your journey worthwhile? I’ve done in-depth research and collected some of the best apps out there.


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If you’re ready to board the next bus or train, always be on your guard and use the transport apps below to travel around the UK with ease.

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Public Transport Apps in the UK

1. Citymapper

If there is any public transport app that knows the length and breadth of the UK, it has to be Citymapper.

Dubbed as one of the most used and reliable transport apps, Citymapper has multiple features that you will find useful in your travels around the UK.

First, it provides real-time data, which helps you to know the current transportation situation at any point in time.

Second, the app’s coverage extends to most cities, including Manchester, London, and Birmingham.

Third and most important, it suggests the best transportation method and route, depending on where you are. For example, you get to choose from different options like bus, train, bike, and tube.

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2. Uber

The car-hailing app, Uber, is also one of the best public transport apps in the UK. Since 2016, the app has been the go-to for many residents who are in a hurry and want to travel in class.

Uber does not only offer chartered taxi services but it also covers multiple cities. And the fares are relatively affordable.

3. Trainline

If you like to travel by train, you would love Trainline. Formerly designated to be a travel app for booking tickets online, Trainline has now evolved and added advanced features.

Now, you can use it for a range of travel solutions such as checking departure times, looking up train times, as well as finding out the nearest platform you need to head for your booked train.

4. Around Me

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the UK or you have been living there for many years. Sometimes, you need to be aware of your surroundings. This is why you need the Around Me travel app.

The unique thing about the app is that it lets you know the various locations around you. From restaurants to ATMs and petrol stations, the app has it all.

You will also want to use the GPS positioning to find out the nearest hospital, movie theatre, hotel, and taxi.

5. Google Maps

Well, you just might not get useful information on the internet without a search engine like Google. You can also be confident of not missing your destination in the UK when you use the Google Maps app.

The app is one of the most reliable travel apps in the UK and all over the world because of the unique way it takes you from Point A to Point B.

Also, the app has an intuitive interface that makes it easier for you to navigate easily. And if you don’t want to use up more internet data than you already did, you can always save your favourite locations for offline use.


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6. Live Train Times UK

The UK train travellers have another best public transport app they can rely on. The Live Train Times UK app is notable for the speedy data sourcing and transmission it offers users.

For instance, the app notifies you of the availability of trains so that you can book your tickets online. This is in addition to the number of available carriages that helps you to make an informed decision on the one to catch.

Most importantly, the app has live updates that notify you when trains are available, including the platform information.

7. Gopili

Most times, people love to travel by train because of the reduced fair they get without compromising on speed.

Yet, they still get discounts in some cases. This is the idea behind the Gopili public transportation app.

The most significant feature of the app is the availability of train tickets at a discount. This informs the reason why it is dubbed “a travel app for cheap tickets.”

Besides, you can book tickets for many transport methods aside from trains. The app also has additional cheap ticketing options for flights and coaches.

8. SkyScanner

You may be wondering if there is any public transport app in the UK that provides information about flights. Indeed, there is and that is the SkyScanner app.

The app aims to “search the sky” to pinpoint the availability of flights to and from the UK.

The app allows you to configure price alert notifications so that you can learn when the costs of flights are affordable. This also includes regular updates on the prices you are watching, so that you will know when the prices of the flights change.

You are also empowered to compare available carriers to see the one that fits your travel plan best. 

9. Wiffinity

Travelling to and from the UK often entails more costs. Aside from the costs of transportation, you also have to “pay through the nose” to surf the internet.

However, you can pay less for internet connectivity thanks to Wiffinity. This travel app provides you with unlimited Wi-Fi connectivity all over the world.

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And thanks to the 60,000+ hotspots in different parts of the world, you are confident of not losing internet connection.

The amazing thing is that you can use the app offline. This implies that you can download maps of your favourite UK destinations without necessarily needing an internet connection.

10. Waze

Waze is a collaborative traffic and navigation travel app. The concept is to allow drivers and passengers to send real-time data about traffic in different parts of the UK.

Interestingly, some of its functionalities are an integral part of Google Maps because Google bought the company that founded the app.

Also, you can use the Waze’s turn-by-turn navigation feature the app provides to avoid accident-prone routes and hazards. This way, you will arrive at your destination in one piece.

You can always trust most of the information on the app because of the community reporting undertone that ensures that real-time and accurate data is available on the app at all times.


Best Public Transport Apps in the UK (2024)

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