3 Best Solar Panel Franchises in the UK (2024)

solar panel franchise uk

If you intend to start a solar panel business but don’t have all the necessary documents, experience, or resources to begin, the best option is to opt for a solar panel franchise.

There are many reputable solar panel companies in the UK that grant franchise opportunities to small or emerging businesses.

This article is a detailed compilation of the top 3 solar panel franchises in the UK to consider.

Stick to the end to get all the information that will help you start a successful solar panel franchise.


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What is a Solar Panel Franchise?

Before discussing the solar panel franchise, it’s important to have a detailed understanding of a franchise or business franchise.

By definition, a franchise is a type of business where the business owner gives a license to one or more parties or individuals to use their trade name, trademark, logo, motto, and other means of identification associated with the business.

The party giving out the license is known as the “franchisor” while the party purchasing or receiving the license is called the “franchisee”.

The business owner may provide some guidelines or terms of operation that the franchisee must follow.

And in some cases, they may provide different support systems like raw materials, training, marketing tools, or other backups that will aid the smooth running of the franchise.

how to get franchise of solar panels

Considering the above definition, a solar panel franchise is a type of solar panel business that has been licensed to operate under a bigger or established solar panel company.

A solar panel franchise helps budding entrepreneurs who cannot stand on their own to operate under an already established solar panel business by having the license to use the identity of the business.

The level of usage is, however, often dependent on what the franchisor and franchisee agree upon.

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How to Get Franchise of Solar Panels in the UK

The process of getting a solar panel franchise in the UK is not difficult if you follow the guidelines below.

Do your Research

There is no gainsaying that research is the foremost thing that should be done before starting a business.

You must thoroughly research the franchise industry in the UK to enable you to understand how it works.

Read franchise books, magazines, and resources that will assist you in your franchise acquisition journey.

Doing this will give you a great head-start when you begin the business.

Use the Internet

There are many options available when it comes to getting a franchise of solar panels in the UK. The internet is one of the most viable options you can trust.

Visit various franchise websites to get the best solar panel company for your business.

Several franchise websites provide regular information about solar panel businesses or companies that are offering franchise opportunities.

You only need to research those companies and find the offer that suits you best.

Attend Franchise Events

This is another practical way of getting great opportunities.


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Solar panel franchise conferences, exhibitions, and seminars are organised all year round to provide franchisors and franchisees with a platform to network and discuss crucial things about their businesses.

Attending this type of event will educate you on all you need to know about solar panel franchises and how you can establish a successful one.

Choose Your Franchise

After doing your findings and getting enough information about the various solar panel franchises available in the UK, proceed to choose the one you’d love to buy.

Such a selection can be determined by the mode of operation of the business and the amount the business is willing to accept for the franchise.

If the price fits your budget and other forms of agreement are met, proceed to purchase the franchise and begin your solar panel business.

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Best Solar Panel Franchises in the UK

If you’re looking for the best solar panel franchises in the UK, below are the top 3 to consider.

how to start your own solar panel business

1. Green Square

This is one of the best companies that provide renewable energy for commercial and residential clients across the UK.

Green Square has diverse renewable energy solutions that customers can utilise. Some of their energy-efficient products include ground source heating, solar and air source heating, biomass boilers and stoves, solar panel installations, and battery storage options.

The level of quality services they offer their customers has led to the massive growth of the company across the UK through its various franchises.

When you start a franchise with the company, you’ll be given adequate training, backup services, marketing materials, and other tools that will help you to run the business smoothly.

The minimum cost requirement for opening a franchise with this firm is £30,000. However, the cost could also range from £60,000 to £80,000, depending on your location or territory.

  • Website: https://www.greensquare.co.uk
  • Email: enquiries@greensquare.co.uk
  • Phone: 0845 263 7474

2. Affordable Solar

Affordable Solar deals with a wide range of renewable energy services and products.

Some of them include solar panel installation, solar PV, and battery storage.

When purchasing a franchise with the company, you also get to receive proper training and backup on how to run the business effectively.

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The minimum cost for investing in their franchise is not disclosed. However, you can contact them directly to make enquiries.

  • Website: https://affordable-solar.co.uk
  • Email: sales@affordable-solar.co.uk
  • Phone: +44 116 2915566

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Best Solar Panel Cleaning Franchise in the UK

If a solar panel cleaning franchise is what you plan to invest in, below is the ideal one for you.

Solar Panel Cleaning Franchise uk

3. Clean Solar Solutions

Being the UK’s first professional solar panel cleaning company makes Clean Solar Solutions a reliable solar panel cleaning franchise you can conveniently opt for.

They are the pioneer of solar panel cleaning in the UK and have successfully cleaned many solar panels nationwide.

When you invest in their franchise, some of the perks you stand to benefit from include training with experienced professionals, continuous support, and operation and marketing manuals.

You can book a consultation appointment with the company via their website to find out about their minimum cost for investment and other enquiries you intend to make.

  • Website: https://cleansolar.solutions
  • Email: info@solar-panel-cleaners.com
  • Phone: +44 (0) 20 3397 9934
  • Address: 1 Woodland Villas, Wrockwardine Wood, Telford, Shropshire TF2 6LS

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3 Best Solar Panel Franchises in the UK (2024)

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