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7 Best Women’s Wooden Watches in the UK

Women are more fashionable addictive than men.

They’re quite selective when choosing their accessories. Wristwatches are an important part of female fashion and that’s why ladies look for unique timepieces.

This article is a comprehensive list of the best women’s wooden watches in the UK. The watches have stylish designs and appearances that make them unique in their own way.

Not only are they elegant and match different outfits, but they are also skin-friendly and hypoallergenic.

Best Women’s Wooden Watches

Take your time and go through the list to choose the best wooden watch that meets your requirements.

1. Opis UR-F1 Wooden Wrist Watch for Women

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The Opis UR-F1 Wooden Wrist Watch is a German-designed wristwatch that’s classy in a simple way. It is a high-quality feminine wristwatch that is available in different variants including red sandalwood, black sandalwood, white maple, and zebrawood.

The hardwood straps can be adjusted to your desired length by either increasing or decreasing the links. The right tool to use for this purpose is included in the package.

It is a lightweight piece with long battery life. And, of course, the battery is included so that you can start using your wristwatch as soon as it is delivered.

The watch has a simple display with a nice finish that makes it look adorable.


  • The quality is great
  • The watch is classy
  • It has a simple design and nice finish
  • It is easily adjustable


  • It doesn’t have the stopwatch feature

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2. Czoka Wooden Watch for Women

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With an authentic quality wood and a nice finish, the Czoka Wooden Watch is a great choice for comfort and beauty combined. It is a lovely product with a stylish and elegant design.

The bracelet has a reasonable length and feels comfortable on the wrist. You’ll have to remove some of the links if you have a very slim wrist. This isn’t a difficult task. But if you find it somewhat tricky, check out Youtube for the step by step process.

In addition to the nice size and beautiful colour of the dial, the lightweight of the watch makes it a good fit for any lady. I love that the watch is delivered in a cute box; this makes it suitable as a present.


  • Nice value for money
  • It looks stylish
  • The watch feels great on the wrist
  • It doesn’t stick to the skin
  • It has a large and beautiful dial


  • The metal rod can break easily if it falls off

3. Bobo Bird Women’s Stylish Casual Wooden Watch

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Bobo Bird is a renowned brand when it comes to wooden watches. This is a strong indication of the high quality that this wristwatch packs. You’re in luck if you’re looking for a watch to present to someone as a gift because this watch is packaged in an original bamboo wooden gift box.

This beautiful eye-catching wristwatch comes with a useful link remover that saves you troubles when you need to increase or decrease the length of the bracelet. This tool is well-designed and well-crafted to be easy to use.

The stylish design of the watch will attract a lot of compliments every time you wear it. It has a sturdy clasp that holds the watch firmly when you wear it. This makes it feel firm and comfortable on the wrist.

Even with the minimal size, the classy appearance of the watch is still visible.


  • The dial is beautiful
  • It has a firm clasp
  • Nice quality
  • The bracelet can be adjusted easily
  • Well-packaged in a nice gift box


  • It is somewhat fragile

4. Bewell W123A Handmade Natural Maple Wristwatch

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This is a nicely made watch with a clear face. It is designed with a light strap that feels comfortable and doesn’t pinch you like in some other watches with similar metal straps. Even though the watch comes with a dedicated link remover, shortening the bracelet requires a bit of push.

It has a fairly decent clasp that isn’t super stiff. It easily pulls open if you mistakenly catch it on something. This won’t be a major problem if you’re a careful person.

The Bewell Handmade Natural Maple Wristwatch is packaged in a cardboard box; the box is nothing extraordinary, just fairly decent. This is worth noting just in case you plan to give it out as a gift.


  • It is a lovely and durable watch
  • The strap doesn’t irritate the skin
  • Its lightweight makes it feel very comfortable to wear on the wrist for a long time
  • Its small size makes it suitable for young girls


  • The clasp isn’t really great
  • The links are somewhat tricky to remove

5 Bobo Bird Women’s Colorful Wooden Watches

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One thing I love most about this wristwatch is its date feature; it tells you what day of the month and what day of the week it is with just a quick glance. The watch also has a larger version for men. So, if you’d love to wear a watch with the same design as your partner, this wooden watch is a good choice.

It is lightweight just as expected of quality wooden watches, and feels comfortable to wear on the wrist. The watch doesn’t make a loud sound as the seconds tick. So, if you’re concerned about having a watch that makes noise, you have nothing to worry about with this one.

One downside I find in this watch is that you can’t change the date using buttons. The only way to change it is by moving your wrist, which may be a pain.


  • The watch is eye-catching with beautiful colours
  • It shows date and time
  • It has a male version with exact design and colour
  • You can order extra straps if necessary


  • There is no button to change the date

6 Zeitholz Wooden Watch for Women

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This is a good fit if you’re looking for a wooden watch to gift to a friend or family member; it is delivered in a nice gift box with cushion.

This lovely watch has a simple design and is available in different colours. The wristwatch is comfortable to wear and you may not even need to shorten the links, depending on the size of your wrist. You have nothing to worry about if this is required since a well-made tool is included for this purpose.

It has a nicely designed clasp that secures the watch firmly on your wrist. The clasp is quite easy to open and close.

The watch has proven to be comfortable to wear for long hours even for people with allergic reaction who are allergic to most metal watches.


  • Good quality
  • Finely crafted with a nice finish
  • It features a simple design
  • The watch is available in different colours


  • It doesn’t come with the date feature

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7 Shifenmei Wooden Watch for Women

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This is for you if you want a large but lightweight watch that won’t drag your wrist down. It is a great alternative to large metal watches that make clacking sound as you move your wrist. It is a skin-friendly wristwatch with little diamonds to add more beauty to the elegant appearance of the dial.

It comes in a nice wooden gift box with a cushion to protect the watch. This box can be kept and used in the future for some other important purpose. This skin-friendly wooden watch is comfortable on the wrist and doesn’t irritate individuals with highly sensitive skins.

The watch is nicely designed to match different types of outfits.


  • The quality is excellent
  • It is packaged in a nice wooden gift box
  • The wristwatch matches various outfits
  • The links are easy to remove
  • It is an elegant and eye-catching wristwatch


  • It doesn’t display the date

Wrap Up

The wooden watches provided on this list have been carefully selected to meet different choices. They are mostly lightweight and skin-friendly. So, if you have highly sensitive skin and do have allergic reactions when you wear a metal watch, this is a great list of wooden watches to choose your first or next hypo-allergenic timepiece.

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