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10 Best Wooden Watches in the UK

Wooden watches are an amazing type of watch used by watch lovers.

They make great gift ideas for birthdays, graduation ceremonies, and other memorable occasions. The watches are suitable for both men and women who love to have unique timepieces on their wrists.

This article is a roundup of the stunning wooden watches in the UK that are worth money.

Best Wooden Watches in the UK

Below are premium and elegant wooden watches that you should consider getting for yourself, family member, or friend.

1. Wilds Premium Eco Self-Winding Wooden Wrist Watch for Men

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This is a stunning wristwatch that catches the eye. It is beautiful and rich in detail. It makes a great gift for any responsible man. The bracelet can easily be adjusted just in case it is too big for you or whoever it is purchased for. And it is easy to wear and remove.

The wristwatch doesn’t use batteries but works with the movement of the body. This means that you’ll have to reset the time if you don’t wear it often. You’d need to reset the time if you don’t wear it for more than 3 days since it has a power reserve of 36 hours.

A printed paper gift box is shipped alongside this self-winding wooden watch. This is good news if you’re looking to present the watch to someone as a gift.

Its lightweight makes it more comfortable to wear on the wrist all day long. It is available in different colours including kosso, zebra, ebony and rosewood, black walnut, and ambila ebony.


  • The wristwatch comes with a gift box
  • It is charming
  • The bracelet is easy to adjust


  • The working principle is too technical for some people

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2. Wilds Premium Men’s Wooden Watch

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Here’s a high-standard quality wooden wristwatch that is made to last. It is an outstanding watch that is worth every penny. The watch features excellent craftsmanship and amazing design. The wooden bracelet has been refined to give a nice smooth surface with a great feel.

If you’re a watch lover with several collections, I believe you won’t just throw this watch in your pile of watches because of its distinct appearance that will make you fall in love with it.

You have nothing to worry about if the bracelet is bigger than you expect. It is very easy to adjust and can be done in a blink. The watch doesn’t weigh too much, so you’ll enjoy having it around your wrist for a long time.

The style and design of the watch make it blend well with various kinds of outfit. It’s a highly recommended watch.


  • The timepiece is automatic
  • It features classic styling
  • It comes with nice detail
  • Gorgeous and lightweight


  • Some units develop issues after a few days or weeks of use

3. Bobo Bird Men’s Wooden Mechanical Watch

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The first thing to know about this piece is that it is a chronograph watch. This means that it is a display watch that comes with a timer function.

The Bobo Bird Men’s Wooden Mechanical Watch is a high-quality watch with a great feel on the wrist. In addition to the timer feature, it also comes with a date function that lets you know the current month and day of the week in just one glance.

Its lightweight makes it comfortable to wear and makes it feel just like an extension of your wrist. This is a good thing since comfort is very important when it comes to wristwatches.

It is important to note that this watch is a self-winding watch. This means that you need to wear it often for the watch to work continuously. It will stop working when you don’t wear it for days and you’ll have to reset the time again. But this isn’t a major problem since resetting it is easy.


  • It has a unique style and you’ll get a lot of compliments
  • It is a high-quality watch


  • The clock gears get noisy sometimes
  • Some units stop working after a few months

4. Zeitholz Men’s Wooden Watch

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Here’s another chronograph watch for men who love wooden watches. It also displays the current date in a stylish and easy-to-read way. As a classy and premium watch, the Zeitholz Men’s Wooden Watch is very comfortable to wear.

Setting the time and calendar is a bit tricky because it is done using the same button. But you don’t need a degree in engineering to get it done since an easy-to-understand graphic explanation is provided.

Adjusting the bracelet isn’t quite easy but it’s nothing impossible. A clear explanation is provided on how to get this done successfully. A tool is provided to make this process easy.

If you intend to use this as a gift, you’ll be glad to know that the watch is delivered in nice packaging. Overall, this is a recommended elegant wooden wristwatch.


  • It comes with a tool for shortening the bracelet
  • A clear explanation of how to shorten the bracelet is provided
  • The watch is easy-to-read
  • It comes with date function


  • Shortening the bracelet can be a bit tricky. You have to follow the instructions carefully

5. Wilds Dual Wheels Automatic Movement Transparent Dial Men’s Wooden Watch

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This is a high standard wristwatch that’s capable of getting you tons of compliment. As an automatic watch, you need to wear it often to avoid having to reset the time frequently. If for some reasons you don’t wear it for days, you can manually reset the time by turning the crown on the side for about 10 to 15 times in the clockwise direction.

The transparent feature that allows you to see the mechanism is an amazing quality that makes the watch lovely.

It is delivered with a tool that can be used to easily shorten the bracelet. Once you wear it and it sits securely on your wrist, you’ll get a nice feel of quality and comfort.

One of the unique features of this watch is the power indicator dial on the top. This analogue dial shows you how much power you have left until you move your wrist or turn the crown on the side. This is quite an interesting and lovely feature.


  • It is designed with a well-crafted wood
  • It comes with a shortening tool
  • The watch is unique and not cheaply made
  • It features vibrant colours


  • The packaging, when it is delivered, doesn’t look appealing

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6. Kerbholz Unisex Adult Analogue Quartz Watch

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Kerbholz Unisex-Adult Analogue Quartz Watch features excellent workmanship that makes it look charming. It is simple, lightweight, and sits well on the wrist. You’d be happy to have this piece on your wrist if you’re looking for something special.

The watch comes with a tool to help shorten the bracelet. This tool on its own would have cost some extra bucks. So, it’s good news that it is included. The simple design of this wooden quartz watch makes it fit any type of outfit.

Just like some of the watches on this list, the Kerbholz watch features the date and timer function. It has two crowns on the side dedicated to using a stopwatch.


  • It is a fancy watch
  • It features a simple design
  • The watch comes with a tool for shortening the bracelet
  • It is a unisex watch; can be used comfortably by males and females


  • The date function only indicates the day. The month and year are not indicated

7. Oliver Redmont Wooden watch

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This is an adjustable wooden watch made from sandalwood. It features a very simple design that makes it a good fit for anyone who doesn’t fancy heavy styling. The watch makes a brilliant gift idea because of its high quality and lovely packaging.

Oliver Redmont Watch is designed with nice sandalwood that feels smooth and comfortable on the wrist. The dark brown colour of the wood takes it to another level. Just in case you’re not comfortable with this colour, you can opt for a different version with the same design. The watch is also available in white marble and red colours. There are two other editions with dark and brown colours but silver and gold accents respectively.

One thing I love about this company is that they’re happy to send additional links to customers in cases where the wristband is short. And the watch is shipped with a tool for shortening the wristband if necessary.

The craftsmanship is simple and unique; you’ll get compliments when you wear it on your wrist.


  • The watch is comfortable and feels light on the wrist
  • It comes with a unique craftsmanship
  • There are different colour options available
  • It is an elegant watch


  • You could get a wrong version delivered to you

8. Zeitholz Men’s Wooden Watch

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This watch is available in 3 stunning variants: one with a white display and brown wristband, another with a black display and brown wristband, and a third with a blue display and brown wristband. Whichever choice you make, you’ll receive several compliments from family and friends.

It is a light and eye-catching watch. You’d feel the difference in terms of weight if you’re used to wearing heavy watches. You’ll even forget that it’s on your wrist after wearing it for a long time. It is simple and doesn’t have any unnecessary extra feature.

It is commendable that the watch is delivered with beautiful packaging that makes it a good choice of a gift set.

Instruction on how to adjust your wristband is provided. But you may visit YouTube for further explanations in a case where you don’t find the instructions clear enough. Overall, the watch is elegant and worth the price.


  • It is delivered in a nice packaging
  • Shortening the wristband isn’t a problem. Instructions are provided
  • It has a simple design without frills
  • The watch isn’t affected by a few splashes of water
  • It is eye-catching


  • It may develop some issues after a few months of use

9. Zeitholz Wooden Watch for Men and Women

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The Zeitholz Wooden Watch for Men and Women sits firmly on your wrist and doesn’t give a disturbing effect when you sweat. Depending on how careful you are, you can have the watch on your wrist all day long and go to different places with it without having a noticeable scratch on it.

Its lightweight makes it very easy to forget that it’s on your wrist. So, keep this in mind, especially if you visit a wet area pretty often.

You have nothing to worry about if you have a small wrist and would have to remove some of the links. The link removal tool included in the box makes this process a child’s play.

The watch is designed with a small date display that tells you what day of the month it is. It is quite small but legible. I believe this is intended to make the design as simple as possible.


  • The link removal tool is accompanied by extra pins for easy wristband adjustment
  • It is well-packaged on arrival
  • The watch is stylish
  • It is lightweight and comfortable to wear


  • The version with a dark display is not very legible except in bright light

10. Wewood Womens Analogue Quartz Watch with Wood Strap

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Here’s a beautiful and unique wooden watch that is exclusively for women. The back of the watch is completely wooden and the watch itself features an elegant feminine design. Its good quality in addition to the nice packaging makes it an excellent gift for any lady.

The flower design is lovely. You’ll receive compliments wherever you go.

As adorable as this watch is, it does have some downsides that are worth mentioning. The watch doesn’t come with a link remover as seen in several premium watches on this list. This means that you may have to purchase the tool if you need to shorten the bracelet.

Also, you may find that the glass breaks easily. This depends on how careful you are. But this isn’t a major issue since you can get the glass replaced for a few bucks in any watch repairer shop.


  • The wooden wristband holds up well
  • The design on the wood is elegant
  • Nice packaging on delivery makes it a good gift set
  • It is lightweight


  • It doesn’t come with a link remover
  • The glass may break easily

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