How to Be a Solar Panel Distributor in the UK (2024)

how to be a solar panel distributor

The solar energy industry has great job opportunities that can make you a sustainable income.

It’s a remarkable way to make money and help the environment at the same time.

You can choose to start a solar installation company, solar panel cleaning company, or solar panel distribution company.

Whatever solar energy sector you decide to venture into, you need to be equipped with the right information to help you kick-start a profitable career in the industry.


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This guide is all you need to get started to become a successful solar panel distributor in the UK.

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Who is a Solar Panel Distributor?

A solar panel distributor is a person or company that acts as a middleman or intermediary between solar panel manufacturers and buyers.

They are professionals who are responsible for buying solar panels in bulk from manufacturers and distributing or selling them to buyers or solar panel installation companies.

They are sometimes responsible for finding customers who are interested in buying solar panels and connecting them with the right solar panel manufacturing company.

Once customers make the purchase, the distributor helps with the process of transporting the solar panels for the customers to their destinations, including other managerial duties.

They ensure that the solar panels get to the consumers at the right time and in good condition.

Solar panel distributors also help with solar panel installation, if it’s part of the services they offer.

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How to Become a Successful Solar Panel Distributor in the UK

There are some crucial processes and factors you must put into consideration before you can start or operate a solar panel distribution company in the UK.

This article is for you whether you want to learn how to be a solar panel distributor near Coventry, near Birmingham, or anywhere else in the UK.

Keep reading as I take you through the detailed steps you must take to run the business successfully.

how to be a solar panel distributor near coventry

Learn about solar panels

There is no way you can have a successful solar panel distribution business without knowing anything about solar panels.

Learning about the various types of solar panels, the maintenance, and the installation will give you an edge over the competition.

Once you have adequate knowledge about solar panels and the distribution process(es), you’ll be able to deliver satisfactorily to your customers or clients.

Get your licences and certifications

The UK has renewable energy associations and government institutions that are responsible for issuing licences that will enable you to operate as a solar panel distributor.

You must get the necessary certification and other relevant documents from the government to enable you to begin operations without hassles.

The certification procedure might require you to take a test that covers a wide range of topics that relate to solar panel distribution.

You’ll be issued your certificate as applicable after passing the test.

Create a business plan

Having a detailed business plan can help you scale quickly in your distribution business.

Your business plan should contain your company’s mission statement, market research, marketing strategy, financial projection, and other crucial information.

Find reputable solar panel suppliers

You need to have a reliable and reputable solar panel manufacturer or supplier for your business.


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Finding a good supplier to work with shouldn’t be a problem since solar panel systems are hot commodities in the UK.

But you must ensure that the manufacturer you choose to work with produces quality solar panels and is willing to give you the best discounts.

This is particularly crucial when you’re eligible for wholesale pricing after surpassing their minimum purchase requirements.

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Learn the relevant skills

You must acquire some important skills to enable you to function effectively as a solar panel distributor.

Having great communication and negotiation skills will help you to close deals easily.

how to be a solar panel distributor near Birmingham

Join the professionals

Every industry has different professional associations or unions that help to promote the interest of their members and issue relevant licences and certificates.

Some solar energy associations you can join in the UK are the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC), Solar Trade Association (STA), and Renewable Energy Association (RTA).

Have an online presence

The easiest way to succeed as a solar panel distributor in the UK is by using the internet.

You can leverage the power of the internet to find the right customers for your business. Build a good website with the perfect layout and navigation.

Make sure that your website sells your company by showcasing the company’s unique selling point and other information that gives value to your customers.

This is the best way to make them patronise you. This works even better if they get value from your website.

Don’t forget to integrate your website with your social media platforms to increase engagement, expand your reach, and lead to great conversion for your business.

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Promote your business

There are many ways you can promote your solar panel distribution business to reach your target customers.

how to become solar panel distributor

One of those methods is through the internet. Invest in social media ads and Google ads. And optimise your website content by using SEO best practices.

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Another way is by attending solar energy conferences or events and networking with other distributors, potential customers, and manufacturers.

Print your business cards or flyers and share them with your prospects. Doing this will help you find the right people to work with.

Stay up-to-date with industry news and legislation

The solar energy industry is not static. There’s bound to be a change in different solar products due to the rapid advancement in technology.

Therefore, stay up-to-date with the latest industry news and legislation on solar panel distribution to help you serve your customers better.

Provide great distribution services

One of the secrets of running a successful solar panel distribution company in the UK is to ensure that your consumers find your services satisfactory.

You can do this by delivering great services at all times and making sure that you offer 24/7 customer support to your clients to enable you to proffer solutions to their problems.

Also, ensure that you offer the best quality products to your customers always.

Doing this will build a great level of trust between you and your customers and make you their go-to distributor whenever they need quality solar panels.

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How to Be a Solar Panel Distributor in the UK (2024)

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