10 Best UK Food Delivery Services

Food Delivery Service UK

There are great restaurants in the UK but not all of them offer food delivery service.

This has resulted in the need for food delivery companies to act as an intermediary between customers and restaurants.

A lot of people have busy schedules that don’t allow them to have breakfast, launch, or dinner as they desire. This is the major problem that food delivery companies aim to solve.

Best Food Delivery Companies in the UK

A good food delivery company understands the need to offer the best cuisines to customers and deliver to them at the right time and in the right place. Below is a list of trusted and reliable companies that provide a collection of meals to choose from and deliver your choice to you at the right time.  

1 Deliveroo

Deliveroo is a 21st-century company with innovative ideas to get your favourite meal delivered to you when and where you want it. They provide a variety of cuisines to allow you to choose whatever meal you want to have at any time of the day.

They developed a system that predicts the time it’ll take to prepare and deliver your favourite meal to you. This is a good thing as you get a picture of how long you need to wait before you receive your order.

  • Website: https://deliveroo.co.uk
  • Email: support@deliveroo.co.uk
  • Phone: +44 203 699 9977


Do you believe that food delivery should be fast, affordable, and easy? So does FEAST. They make your favourite meal available to you from restaurants within your vicinity at affordable rates and in the fastest time possible.

Their process is quite simple. Visit their website and provide your postcode; a list of restaurants within 2 miles from your location will be shown to you. You then select your desired restaurant, choose the food you want, and make your payment using PayPal or credit/debit card. Finally, enter your delivery details and wait for your food to be delivered to the provided address.  

  • Website: https://www.feasthq.com
  • Email: contact@feasthq.com

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3 One Delivery

This is a large food delivery company with a presence in over 65 cities in the UK. The company was established in 2013 with delivery from just a few restaurants. They continued to grow as time passed and now, they’re one of the companies that offer the best food delivery services in the UK.

One Delivery work with small and big restaurants nationwide. They deliver from big names like KFC, McDonald’s, and Burger King. They use the latest technology to give customers a good user experience. With their app, you can quickly place orders and track your delivery in real-time.

  • Website: https://one-delivery.co.uk

4 Foodhub

If you’re concerned about getting discounts from your favourite restaurants, consider Foodhub. They bring to you a selection of food from restaurants within your location and don’t charge the restaurants any commission. This makes it possible for the restaurants to offer discounts to you.

This is why you find more restaurants on this platform than several other food delivery platforms. And what this means is that you have even more options to choose from when you use Foodhub. They offer food delivery services in several locations across the UK.

  • Website: https://foodhub.co.uk

5 Uber Eats

Delivering in over 500 cities in the Uk, Uber Eats is an international food delivery company with expertise and resources to provide the required customer satisfaction. Their categories of food include fast food, Indian, desserts, Chinese, burger, and pizza.

Their order process is in 3 simple steps. You browse through the list of hundreds of restaurants or cuisines and select your choice. Place your order, fill in your delivery details and tax details, and make your payment online. Your food preparation process will begin and delivered to you as soon as it’s completed.

The food is delivered by an Uber partner in a car, scooter, or bike. Their app allows you to track your delivery on the map.

  • Website: https://www.ubereats.com


SUPPER is very concerned about delivering your food to you in the same condition it was after preparing it. They understand that transporting your food in a backpack may let it get colder or warmer than it should be. For this reason, they obtained customised Japanese scooters to make delivery seamless and retain the original condition of your food.

They are a London-based company that delivers your favourite cuisine to you from the best restaurants in London. They have an app that makes the whole process from searching for a restaurant and cuisine to placing your order fast and seamless. Their app is available for download on Google Playstore and App Store.

  • Website: https://supper.london

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7 Mindful Chef

Eating natural food that contains ingredients that are of benefits to your body is very important. Mindful Chef makes this easy with their subscription plan that allows you to choose from a range of recipe containing fresh ingredients.

They don’t offer processed food, they provide a recipe box containing fresh produce to help you to prepare a healthy meal in 30 minutes. Thousands of customers have given great reviews after eating Mindful recipes for several weeks.

  • Website: https://frontend.mindfulchef.com
  • Email: hello@mindfulchef.com
  • Phone: +442039500455

8 HelloFresh

Here’s another company that delivers fresh ingredients and a step-by-step recipe card to your doorstep. They have different subscription plans that allow you to choose your preferred menu delivery frequency.  And their boxes are delivered just when you need them. The boxes are categorised into 3: rapid box, classic box, and family box. Each box has a menu.

HelloFresh partner with different trustworthy suppliers to ensure that you get the fresh ingredients that are required for a healthy lifestyle. Their suppliers include Hodmedod and The Tomato Stall.

  • Website: https://www.hellofresh.co.uk

9 Prep Perfect

This is a good choice for anyone who’s looking to lose some weight or gain some muscle. Their meal plans are tailor-made for these purposes. Their meals are prepared by expert chefs that know how to prepare fantastic cuisines that look and taste nice.

They use fresh and high-quality ingredients to prepare meals that are rich in nutrients. Prep Perfect also allow you to build your own meal by choosing your preferred ingredients from a range of 24 ingredients.

  • Website: https://www.prepperfect.co.uk
  • Email: info@prepperfect.co.uk
  • Phone: 01162760222
  • Address: 34 High View Close, Leicester Food Park, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE4 9LJ

10 Macro Meals

Macro Meals is a reputable food delivery service company with awesome customer reviews. They offer nationwide delivery and next day delivery. The company use temperature control boxes to deliver your food so that you get it fresh just as you desire.

They also offer customised meal plans that are tailored to meet your specific needs. This is all in a bid to provide the good customer experience that you desire. Their experienced chefs use locally sourced and fresh ingredients to prepare mouth-watering meals.

  • Website: https://www.macromealsuk.co.uk
  • Email: orders@macromealsuk.com
  • Phone: 01452260926

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