Top 10 Frozen Food Manufacturers in the UK (2024)

frozen food manufacturers uk

Frozen foods are lifesavers.

Anyone who has prepared a meal after a stressful day at work will appreciate frozen food stored at home.

There are several frozen food manufacturers in the UK.

However, buying from the right manufacturers shouldn’t be some guesswork. Their production facilities, sources of ingredients, and recipes should be determining factors before patronising any of them.


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Below is the list of the top frozen food manufacturers that have passed these criteria.

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Best Frozen Food Manufacturers in the UK

1. Frozen Fast Food Ltd

Frozen Fast Food Ltd selects from the finest meat, fish, vegetables, chicken, and spices to produce and supply Halal food products.

Their frozen food products include ‘Ready to cook’ and ‘Heat and eat”, produced using unique recipes.

Moreover, their frozen food contains no preservatives or additives to appeal to the palate of healthy eating enthusiasts. They also maintain maximum hygienic standards in their facility during production.

Frozen Fast Food Ltd supplies retailers who wish to partner with them in making quality frozen foods available to customers. When you make your orders, they will deliver them to you as soon as possible.

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: +44 (0)208 509 8004
  • Address: Frozen Fast Food Ltd, Unit 9 Forest Business Park, Argall Avenue, Leyton, London, E10 7FB

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2. Crown Foods

Crown Foods strive to give its customers the utmost satisfaction they desire from frozen foods.

They are suppliers of high quality, tasty frozen foods like chicken, meat, fish and seafood. They tailor their products to the needs of customers.

Their products are MSC certified and processed under standard health guidelines. Their mode of delivery is also contactless, which eliminates the need to have physical contact before receiving your order.

Crown Foods supplies schools, caterers, supermarkets, and care homes. You can benefit from their high-quality products by simply placing a call across to them or sending an email.

  • Website:
  • Phone: 01590 677616
  • Address: Crown Foods Ltd, Anchor House, 96 High Street, Lymington, Hampshire SO41 9AP, England

3. McCain Foods (GB) Ltd

In their collection, McCain Foods (GB) Ltd has frozen chips, roasted potatoes, potato wedges, jacket potatoes, fries, and other range of frozen potatoes.

They produce these frozen foods with the aim of giving you and your family the healthiest and tastiest potato meals. Meanwhile, they are made in simple steps of washing, peeling, cutting, and light frying. To preserve them, they are frozen. Some of their products may come in natural flavours.

McCain Foods (GB) are only deliberate about increasing the health benefits of their consumers. For this reason, their products come with no artificial colours or flavours and are low in fat.

  • Website:
  • Phone: 0800 146573
  • Address: McCain Foods (GB) Ltd, Havers Hill, Scarborough YO11 3BS

4. Euro Foods Group Ltd

Euro Foods Group Ltd is one of the largest distributors of frozen foods in the UK.

They manufacture frozen foods and distribute them to restaurants, supermarkets, and caterers. They are the proud manufacturers of the popular Rohim, Zoy, and Crown Farm brands.

This company has grown tremendously to become an exporter of these frozen foods. They have six depots in the UK to get their products to all parts of the country.

And with their temperature-controlled vehicles numbering over 50, they can offer bespoke delivery services to their customers.

  • Website:
  • Phone: 01633 636 000
  • Address: Head Office Location, Euro Foods Group, EFG Food & Technology Park, Llantarnam Park Way, Cwmbran, Torfaen NP44 3GA

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5. Exciting Foods Limited

Exciting Foods Limited’s collection of frozen foods includes natural seafood, traditional pies, vegetarian food, prepared poultry, prepared meat, and grill and barbeque food.

These foods are made from the choicest ingredients and prepared by their team of experienced chefs.

They supply hotels, restaurants, caterers, and other businesses that are too busy to prepare these foods from start to finish.


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Exciting Foods Limited has its cold store in Grimsby, where it stores its processed foods until they are about to be dispatched to customers.

Their foods are mostly handmade and are devoid of artificial ingredients. If you seek bespoke products that you feel will benefit your business, you can contact them for a special arrangement.

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: 01472 311955
  • Address: Units 8 & 11 Great Grimsby Seafood Village Grimsby Docks Great, Grimsby DN31 3SX

6. Sara Foods (UK) LTD

At Sarah Foods, you can find a unique taste of handmade frozen Springrolls, Samosas, Mix Pack, Aloo Cubes, Balls, Kachori and Pettis.

They make these products from a special blend of herbs and spices you can’t find in any other brand. They also come in an easy-to-prepare form. Consumers can easily prepare them by frying the frozen products.

Sara Foods is a household name in the UK, and its customer base extends to the US, Canada, and other countries in Europe.

If you wish to purchase their products, make an order, and they will gladly deliver them to you.

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: 0116 251 8075
  • Address: Radia House, 107 – 115 Humberstone Road, Leicester

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7. Kershaws Frozen Foods

Kershaws Frozen Foods manufactures a wide range of frozen foods which have continued to be every family’s favourite.

These frozen foods range from traditional foods to chip shop frozen foods. You can purchase their products at various supermarkets like Nisa Local, B & M Bargains, Heron Foods, Premier Local Shops, and Morrisons Supermarket.

Kershaws Frozen Foods uses its products to provide a solution to people overwhelmed with their busy schedules.

Since they make these foods from natural ingredients, consumers need not worry about losing out on the health benefits they ought to offer.

  • Website:
  • Phone: 01704 530767
  • Address: Kershaws Frozen Foods, Pool Hey Lane, Scarisbrick PR8 5LD.

8. KTI Frozen Foods Ltd

For over two decades, KTI Frozen Foods has been consistent in producing and distributing high-quality frozen foods across the UK and Europe at large.

Some of their products include vegetable samosa, meat roll, sheikh kebab, beef samosa, chicken roll, chicken samosa, lamb samosa, and chicken charcoal kebab.

If you have a recipe you want them to use to make your order, probably to attract more customers to your shop, you can also contact them.

Their products are tailor-made to meet the satisfaction of their customers.

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KTI Frozen Foods has a good understanding of the frozen food market. As you patronise them, they will also give you proper guidance on frozen food-related issues.

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: 012-1554-4316
  • Address: Unit 17 – 19 Northside Business Centre Wellington Street Birmingham B18 4NR

9. Syed Kamal Frozen Foods Ltd

Syed Kamal Frozen Foods uses the latest technology in manufacturing and supplying Halal frozen foods. They supply these frozen foods to schools, retailers, caterers, and distributors.

Their meats are carefully sourced and processed in compliance with the laid down standards. The end product of their stringent standard is the high-quality, tasty meat consumers get to enjoy.

The Halal Monitoring Committee approves all products from Syed Kamal Frozen Foods. So you can order some through their website and have them delivered to you anywhere in the UK.

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: 0116 276 0786
  • Address: Unit 5-6 Earls Close, Leicester, LE4 8FZ

10. Newburgh Foods

Newburgh Foods is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of frozen chicken products to wholesalers and retailers.

They employ the latest techniques and state-of-the-art food processing facilities in processing, freezing, and packaging their products.

They also process their chicken using bespoke recipes from customers and package them specifically according to their customer’s requirements. So, you can take advantage of this perk to stock your store with unique frozen chicken products.

Newburgh Foods delivers orders in the best package, one that will prevent the food from getting damaged or contaminated during transportation to the final consumer.

  • Website:
  • Phone: 01942 318018
  • Address: Wood Street, Golborne, Wigan, WA3 3AP UK

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Top 10 Frozen Food Manufacturers in the UK (2024)

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